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  1. faces of things
    Taylor Momsen Will Be the Face of John Galliano’s PerfumeThe two actually have a lot in common.
  2. smell italian
    Anna Dello Russo to Release a FragranceFinally an exciting celebrity scent!
  3. best bets
    Best Bet: MCMC’s Maui FragranceThe Brooklyn-based perfumer releases a deliciously spicy new scent.
  4. disco rumors
    Those Rumors About Lady Gaga Doing a Fragrance Are FalseWhew!
  5. disco perfume
    Lady Gaga Rumored to Be Working on a FragranceAn “unusual” fragrance, obviously.
  6. beauty marks
    Betsey Johnson Inks Beauty Deal; Pucci Launches New ScentAlso, Kelis rocks a rainbow French manicure.
  7. beauty marks
    January Jones Goes Red; Jared Leto Channels CockatielsAlso, Roger Vivier is set to release five new fragrances.
  8. beauty marks
    The Tanning Tax Is Here; Bond No. 9 Introduces Two New FragrancesAlso, the cost of Miley Cyrus’s hair extensions might make you cry.
  9. smell hard
    The People Who Made Bruce Willis’s Fragrance Say It’s the ‘Manliest Scent in the World’Fragrance professors say that’s a bunch of garbage.
  10. beauty marks
    Snooki Ditches the Pouf; Melanie Thierry Named Face of YSL’s Latest FragranceAlso, Scott Campbell designs Louis Vuitton–monogram tattoos.
  11. beauty marks
    Chanel’s Newest ‘It’ Nail Polish; Anti-Aging Hair Treatments Hit ShelvesPlus, Karlie Kloss piles on the fuchsia makeup for Bergdorf Goodman’s latest catalogue.
  12. party lines
    Tilda Swinton’s New Perfume Smells Like a Bunch of Orange ThingsShe explained all to us at her perfume launch last night.
  13. beauty marks
    Docs Promise New Treatments for Flabby Arms; ScarJo Goes Nuts With the Purple Eye ShadowAlso, Kate Moss’s hairdresser is bankrupt.
  14. beauty marks
    Ralph Lauren Releases Four New Fragrances; Snooki Says No to Tanning BedsAlso, Kate Moss gets hair extensions.
  15. meow
    Video: Jaguars Are Totally Hot for Calvin Klein CologneAnd scientists are totally hot for that.
  16. hissssssss
    Naomi Campbell Sued for Not Launching ‘Cat Deluxe With Kisses’ PerfumeHow dare she!
  17. beauty marks
    Katy Perry’s New Blue Do, Keds to Match Your Hair Color, and One Dirty Photo ShootAlso, why Natalie Portman reeks of Dior.
  18. beauty marks
    Ashley Greene Named New Face of Mark Cosmetics; Avon and Hervé Léger Release Two New FragrancesPlus, the triumphant return of dark roots.
  19. wars
    Celebrity Fragrance War: Jennifer Lopez Versus Halle BerryThey both have new scents and strange new campaigns for them.
  20. beauty marks
    Kim Cattrall Chops Her Hair; Coach Releases New PerfumeAlso, Georgia May Jagger shot her latest Rimmel campaign.
  21. beauty marks
    Georgia May Jagger Models With Her Mom; Katy Perry Channels CleopatraAlso, a new wristband reminds you to lather up.
  22. beauty marks
    Marc Jacobs Got a Hair Transplant; Lindsay Lohan Is a Blonde AgainAlso, Gwyneth Paltrow tries a modern bouffant.
  23. beauty marks
    Vitamin A in Sunscreen Can Lead to Tumors; Kim Kardashian Tried BotoxAlso, UV nail dryers in salons could cause cancer too.
  24. beauty marks
    Gisele Goes Out With No Makeup; Kirsten Dunst Wears Hair BlingAlso, the Cosmetic Executive Women organization announced this year’s product awards.
  25. beauty marks
    Johnny Weir Tweets About His Pink Mullet; OPI Gets an iPhone AppAlso, the Beckhams are back in their new fragrance ad.
  26. someone’s naked!
    How Marc Jacobs Came to Strip Down and Grease Up to Sell BangBang is the name of his new men’s fragrance.
  27. beauty marks
    Nars Launches Blush-Inspired Lip Gloss; Janet Jackson Makes the CutAlso, Stella McCartney bought a bundle of roses.
  28. beauty marks
    Robert Pattinson Cut His Hair; M.A.C. to Release Venomous VillainsAlso, Ashton Kutcher gets waxed!
  29. beauty marks
    New York Could Ban Teen Tanning; Hair Dye Tied to Liver DiseaseAlso, Comme des Garçons produces a creepy video and a new scent.
  30. beauty marks
    Check Out Jessica Simpson’s Epic Perfume Ads; Antonio Banderas Adds to His Corny Scent RangeAlso, Gwyneth Paltrow has GOOPy hair tips.
  31. beauty marks
    Perfumes Contain Mystery Chemicals; Kim Kardashian Poses Without MakeupAlso, a Snooki pouf hit the red carpet at Cannes.
  32. beauty marks
    Leighton Meester Lightened Her Hair; Nail Polish Sales SoarAlso, Miley Cyrus gets the “exotic endangered bird” beauty treatment.
  33. beauty marks
    Topshop Debuts Makeup Line; Models Sport Feather Eyebrows at Australian Fashion WeekAlso, Lea Michelle of ‘Glee’ landed a beauty deal.
  34. beauty marks
    Top Met Gala Beauty Trends; Pink’s Hair Now Looks PlainAlso, a 54-year-old’s beauty-product addiction put her $14,000 in debt.
  35. beauty marks
    J.Crew Releases Nail Polish With Essie; Scientists Use Stem Cells in New Face-lift MethodAnd Freida Pinto discusses her definition of beauty.
  36. beauty marks
    Bruce Willis’s Fragrance Bottle Revealed; Number of Liposuctions Down 19 PercentAlso, Alexa Ray Joel discusses her nose job.
  37. beauty marks
    Akon Files Lawsuit Over Fragrance; Doctors Test Ways to Treat Acne Patients OnlineAlso, Heidi’s plastic surgery prevents her from eating comfortably.
  38. beauty marks
    Hayden Panettiere Crops Her Hair; Maybelline Names Lisalla Montenegro Its Newest FaceAlso, Jonathan Antin develops a new hair-care line, and BCBG plans to develop a new fragrance.
  39. beauty marks
    Jennifer Lopez’s Curly Hair; Sonia Kashuk’s Nail Collection Lands at TargetAlso, Gap and Thierry Mugler release new fragrances.
  40. beauty marks
    L’Oréal Buys Essie; Heidi Klum Cuts Her Hair When She’s BoredAnd tips for lining the inner rim of your eye without getting an infection.
  41. beauty marks
    Tanning Linked to Addictive Behavior, Again; Dree Hemingway Named Face of Ferragamo FragranceAlso, a fancy new waxing salon is coming to Soho.
  42. beauty marks
    Halle Berry Gels Her Hair; Fergie Cradles Chrome Bullhorn for Fragrance CampaignAlso, a midtown bikini waxer is coming out with a book about bikini waxing.
  43. beauty marks
    Adrian Grenier Hacked Off His Curly Locks; Lady Moods Affected by HairAlso, M.A.C.’s Times Square flagship officially opened its doors yesterday.
  44. smell hard
    Think Americans Would Buy Bruce Willis’s Fragrance?Or should they keep it in Germany?
  45. beauty marks
    François Nars’s Dog Is the New Face of Nars; Agyness Deyn Has a Crew CutAlso, a bribery scandal brews at Avon.
  46. beauty marks
    Alice + Olivia Collaborate With M.A.C.; Women Who Don’t Shave Spark DebateAlso, Heidi Klum chopped off her hair, and see the new Nars shades.
  47. beauty marks
    Sally Hershberger’s Senior Colorist Opens Salon; Lady Gaga’s Coke-Can Curlers Don’t Actually Curl HairAlso, Fergie named her new fragrance. Guess what she chose!
  48. beauty marks
    Fergie Hurt by ‘Fugly’ Comments; Man Sues Barber for Slicing His EarAlso, check out Chunwei Liao’s amazing paper eyelash extensions.
  49. beauty marks
    Dsquared2 in Talks for Second M.A.C. Collection; Hilary Rhoda’s Beauty AdviceAlso, M.A.C.’s new Times Square store will be huge.
  50. beauty marks
    Jennifer Aniston Named Her Fragrance Lola V; L’Occitane to Launch MakeupAlso, check out Celine Dion’s new fragrance ad. She’s brooding!
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