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Fragrant Friday

  1. Surely Your Louis Vuitton Perfume Deserves Its Own Luxury HomeIntroducing the high-end fragrance case.
  2. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Perfect Summer NightDiptyque’s Do Son smells like sunlight and warm skin. 
  3. now smell this
    What Does Female Empowerment Smell Like?Should it be floral?
  4. lunchtime beauty
    Grace Coddington’s Perfume Smells Like Roses and Fancy ShampooTake a whiff. 
  5. lunchtime beauty
    Byredo’s New Perfume Smells Like Fresh LaundryIt’s like a high-brow Febreze. 
  6. fragrant friday
    Fragrances So Intense, They’re NSFWDiana Vreeland’s newest scents are outrageous. 
  7. fragrant friday
    The Scent That Smells Like Forgotten DreamsUnpacking Commes des Garçons’ new fragrance.
  8. fragrant friday
    This Is How You Should Smell for FallHint: not like a pumpkin.
  9. original scent
    Miu Miu’s First Fragrance Smells Like the AlpsSays Stacy Martin, the face of the perfume.
  10. fragrant friday
    The French Perfume Company Shaking Up the IndustryEx Nihilo is embracing change in a conservative business.
  11. fragrant friday
    Smell Like a Steamy Romance NovelJackie Collins would approve.
  12. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Good and Sweat LessViktor & Rolf’s powder will keep you cool. Literally.
  13. fragrant friday
    Watch Vera Wang Talk About Self-Love and Relaxation“I think every kind of love, every aspect of love is really what makes life worth living.”
  14. fragrant friday
    Future Wonder Woman on Perfume and MakeupActress Gal Gadot, who will play Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, is the new face of Gucci Bamboo. 
  15. fragrant friday
    A Fragrance That Encourages CleanlinessYou’ll want to reapply again and again.
  16. fragrant friday
    A Powdery Scent That Doesn’t Smell Like a GrannyOld-school, but not old.
  17. fragrant friday
    Cuba Smells Like Cigars and CupcakesAt least the Demeter fragrance does.
  18. fragrant friday
    Now You Can Smell Like a Delicious Cup of CoffeeBuzzy. 
  19. The Ultimate Easy Vacation ScentWarm and beachy.
  20. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Alluring Without Really TryingA floral that smells exactly like a bed of roses.
  21. fragrant friday
    This Is What the Color White Smells LikeA fresh scent that’s like a Tic Tac for your skin.
  22. fragrant friday
    The World’s Most Classic Scent Gets a Fresh UpdateChanel No. 5 gives way to a new fragrance.
  23. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Shakespearean RomanceFruity!
  24. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like Lupita Nyong’oMelon-y!
  25. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Fresh Cup of TeaA barely there fragrance.
  26. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Mimosa Wherever You GoA scent that’s sugary but not too overpowering. 
  27. fragrant friday
    A Fragrance for All the Vanilla HatersYou won’t smell like a holiday gift shop.
  28. fragrant friday
    Will This Perfume Make You Stop Procrastinating?A fragrance experiment.
  29. fragrant friday
    This Might Be Your New Signature ScentA classic fragrance gets a nice upgrade.
  30. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Grassy Spring DayFake the scent of the new season.
  31. fragrant friday
    Now You Can Smell Like an Old BookAnd that’s a really good thing.
  32. Meet the Fruity Scent You Can Wear Without ShameSweet and smooth.
  33. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Delightful Italian AfternoonLike a bottle of cold Aranciata.
  34. fragrant friday
    Why Does This Perfume Cost $1,150?It smells slightly sweet and wealthy.
  35. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like Sunshine and MuskPerfume that smells like a really great day.
  36. fragrant friday
    How to Get That Clean-Laundry Smell AnytimeEven when your sheets are not clean.
  37. fragrant friday
    A Man’s Scent That Any Woman Should StealAnd keep.
  38. fragrant friday
    Jeremy Scott’s Fragrance Smells Like Sweet SweatNot necessarily a bad thing. 
  39. fragrant friday
    A Scent That Literally Smells Like Teen SpiritGreen-apple nostalgia.
  40. fragrant friday
    A Scent That Will Remind You of a Summer DayGreener pastures. 
  41. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Lazy and GoodWhat’s that scent, Margiela?
  42. fragrant friday
    A Smoky, Sensual Scent for Winter NightsYou won’t be able to stop sniffing yourself.
  43. fragrant friday
    A Christmas Scent That’s Too Chic for the Mall’Tis the season.
  44. fragrant friday
    5 Fall Candles That Are Cozier Than a BlanketIt’s candle season.
  45. fragrant friday
    Balmain’s New Scent Is Like a Hip-Hugging DressSexy and snug.
  46. fragrant friday
    Vera Wang Has a First-Date Scent MemoryHer mother said, “You need this; you can’t go out without it.”
  47. fragrant friday
    This Is the Scent of Happiness and SangriaGwen Stefani’s new feel-good perfume.
  48. fragrant friday
    A Cool, Sensual Smell Inspired by Greece Narciso isn’t overtly sexy — and that’s a good thing.
  49. fragrant friday
    Pharrell’s Gender-Ambiguous Scent Is ConfusingMy head hurts.
  50. fragrant friday
    How to Smell Like a Rare Desert FlowerYou’ll either love it or want to shower immediately.
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