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Fragrant Friday

  1. fragrant friday
    A Feminine Scent That’s Not Too SweetA fragrance designed as a “tribute to modern femininity.” 
  2. fragrant friday
    Doutzen Kroes on Fifty Shades of Grey and Working Out“I was not wearing so many clothes [in the commercial], and he would be like, ‘Here, here’s a robe.’”
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    This Perfume Is Better Than a Power SuitThe get-shit-done fragrance.
  4. A Perfume That Smells Like a Fleeting DreamA dream directed by Sofia Coppola.
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    How Jenna Lyons Determined J.Crew’s Boozy ScentThe creative process behind their debut scent launch.
  6. fragrant friday
    Michael B. Jordan on Baby Feet Smell, Bubble Wrap, and His New Gig With Axe “I have a lot of women followers.”
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    How to Smell Like Sweet Pistachio Ice CreamPerfume for an ice-cream freak.
  8. fragrant friday
    5 Perfumers on the Best Wedding Scents“Find a perfume that will turn you into what you see as the prince or princess version of you.”
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    Smell Like Crisp Green-Tea LeavesDon’t read your tea leaves — wear them.
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    The Scent That Makes You Go MmmA new white floral from Jo Malone.
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    Now You Can Smell Like Herbal Essences and BlossomsMeet Fendi’s new scent, Fan di Fendi Blossom.
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    How to Shop for Fragrance and Not Lose Your MindA new perfume start-up simplifies the process of finding a scent.
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    Watch a Marc Jacobs Model Twirl in a Daisy FieldExclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the ad campaign directed by Sofia Coppola.
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    Now You Can Smell Like an Overgrown GardenLe Labo’s new collaboration with florist Thierry Boutemy is refreshingly different. 
  15. Now You Can Smell Like a Carnation on Fire“A rose that wants to be a carnation.”
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    This Perfume Smells Like a Walk in ParisAlexander Wang’s first fragrance for Balenciaga will come out in October.
  17. fragrant friday
    Q&A: Hermès’s Perfumers on Luxury, Perfume Bloggers, and Nighttime Scents“The particularity of Hermès is always of the afternoon and morning and not for the night.”
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    Smell Like George Clooney in ItalyCiao, bell0.
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    Fragrant Friday: NOVA Fragrance x Anna SheffieldThe scent of heavy metal.
  20. fragrant friday
    Christy Turlington Remade Her Classic 1995 Calvin Klein Eternity AdIn honor of her return to the brand. 
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    Fragrant Friday: Francis Kurkdjian Perfumed BubblesFor a chic French foam party.
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    Fragrant Friday: En Passant by Frédéric MalleLike a lilac-strewn walk along the Seine.
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    Watch: Léa Seydoux Floats Nakedly in a Prada Flower DazePink is the warmest color.
  24. fragrant friday
    Q&A: Byredo’s Ben Gorham on His New Scent, Smelling Strangers, and More“I do get a lot of requests from people asking, ‘Smell me.’”
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    Watch: Dolce & Gabbana’s Cinema Paradiso–Inspired Love Story Love in the time of lemon trees.
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    Watch: Carven Makes a Cute Latte MustacheCarven L’eau de Toilette, the little sister scent of Carven Le Parfum, gets foamy.
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    Fragrant Friday: Balmain Silk Hair PerfumeHow to make your hair smell really, really good. And French.
  28. fragrant friday
    7 Fresh Candles That Smell Like SaladsDon’t drink your veggies — burn them.
  29. fragrant friday
    Dries van Noten Makes a Sublime, French-Vanilla Scent With Frederic MalleThe scent equivalent of a great Dries coat with vanilla pudding in the pocket. 
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    Fragrant Friday: Lolita Lempicka Elle L’AimeSuncreen-scent, in fancier form.
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    Burn After Reading: 2013 Holiday Candle GuideSmell like everything, except Teen Spirit. Teen Spirit is not holiday. 
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    Exclusive: Watch Marni Rose’s Pop-up-Book-Inspired AdHere’s what a Marni pop-up book would look like.
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    Fragrant Friday: Roses de Chloé Will Make You Miss Ballet ClassA sweeter take on the Chloé girl. 
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    Try This Less-Is-More Tomboy FragranceThe fragrance equivalent of a Reva flat.
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    The Marlene Dietrich of FragrancesThe androgynous scent that stood up to 60-plus SoulCyclers. 
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    This Is What Life Smells Like, ApparentlyBergamot and grapefruit.
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    A Lavender Perfume Fit for a Bohemian PrincessOr a Disney princess (named Alice).
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    Smell Like a Picture of Ecstatic BeautySynesthesia at its best.
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    Smell Like Rooney Mara in Downtown by Calvin Klein?The bottle’s subtle, pink, and girly — just like her.
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    A New Way to Smell All Grown-upDifferent noses will pick up on one of two accords inside.
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    Drench Yourself in the ‘Water of Life’Not to be confused with the fountain of youth.
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    A Sweet Scent Made for an Indian PrincessA maharaja made it in honor of the birth of his granddaughter.
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    A New Marc Jacobs Perfume Bottles Up the Best of Summer Say hello to Honey.
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    The Rosy Roller-Ball Perfume Oil to Keep in Your PurseIt’s 100 percent alcohol-free.
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    A Gardenia Perfume That Doesn’t Smell Granny-ishIt’s unisex.
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    A Trio of Woody New Scents for Summer AheadBlue Invasion is the newest from Commes des Garçons Parfums.
  47. fragrant friday
    At Last, a Patchouli You Won’t HateCalling all fancy bohemians.
  48. fragrant friday
    Enjoy the Smell of Old Books and Black Pepper?Then you’ll like Odin’s new scent, 10 Roam.