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  1. work-life balance
    Two French Unions Ban Checking Work Emails After 6 p.m. [Updated]The land of uninterrupted happy hour.
  2. america!
    France Bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears From Daytime TVAnd ScarJo says that Parisians are being rude to her.
  3. equal pay acts
    French Companies Fined Millions for Underpaying WomenThe women’s rights minister is not joking around.
  4. france
    What Are French Women Bragging About Now? The author of French Women Don’t Get Fat says French women don’t get anti-aging plastic surgery, either.
  5. child beauty pageants
    Let the French Children Have Their Pageants “This isn’t America.”
  6. France Poised to Ban Child Beauty PageantsTheir loss.
  7. lists
    French Lessons: The 50 Chicest French Women EverCarine Roitfeld, Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel and 47 other nonchalant women through history.
  8. look of the day
    Rosario Dawson Loves Flashing Her ThighsBoth of them peeked out of her double-slit dress last night.
  9. q&a
    Jean Paul Gaultier Explains the Eurovision Song ContestThe thing to watch this Saturday, whether you’re a virgin or you’ve seen the international extravaganza before.
  10. ze french
    French Person Brigitte Bardot Would Also Like to Move to RussiaShe said France is “nothing more than an animal cemetery.”
  11. ze french
    Looks Like Belgium Will Remain ‘in Need of’ Bernard ArnaultFrance got rid of its 75 percent super-tax on the rich.
  12. ze french
    Carla Bruni Doesn’t Need to Be Feminist“On the contrary, I’m a bourgeois.”
  13. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Called the French President an ‘Idiot’Ooh la.
  14. you can call me val
    French ‘First Lady’ Charmingly Referred to As ‘First B—-’Girl power, etc.
  15. openings
    Forever 21 Opening in FranceOh la la.
  16. boobs or lose
    Topless Sunbathing OUT in FranceBut a group of militant feminists is fighting for it.
  17. luxury will never die?
    Karl Lagerfeld Declares Bling Is OutBut he’s not spending any less money on his fashion shows.
  18. run through
    Lagerfeld Discusses His Childhood in a New DocumentaryHe says, “When I asked [my mother] to tell me stories, she would say, ‘Learn to read.’” Aw!
  19. run through
    Isabel Marant Fights a Knockoff and Wins in FranceFrench fast-fashion chain Naf Naf must pay the label $120,000 for ripping off a black dress.
  20. cult of personality
    Carla Bruni Wants a Baby!She told a French magazine, “I’m not pregnant and I regret it because I love it when I am.”
  21. Carla Bruni Anticipates Criticism of Her New AlbumShe knows the fact that she’s Sarko’s wife is going to have a big impact on how her latest album is received.
  22. cult of personality
    Karl Lagerfeld Models His New Yellow Safety VestKarl Lagerfeld is the face of France’s new campaign to promote road-safety awareness — and it’s amazing. The sartorial sacrifice!
  23. run through
    Chinese Authorities Confiscate Over 500 Louis Vuitton BagsThe Louis Vuitton flagship in Hangzhou closed after officials determined the bags did not meet China’s quality standards.
  24. cult of personality
    Carla Bruni: ‘My Guy, I Roll Him Up and Smoke Him’That’s a lyric about her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy, from her new album. Yes, really.
  25. run through
    Agyness Deyn’s New French Perfume Commercial Is BadassOnly something very special could bring that adjective back, and we’re confident Aggy’s taking scissors to her suit and hair in this ad is it.
  26. loose threads
    Thierry Mugler Returns to Womenswear? Louis Vuitton’s New Face?Thierry Mugler might revive womenswear for Paris’s couture week, Laetitia Casta might be the new face of Louis Vuitton, and Carla Bruni dishes on Sarko.
  27. video look book
    The Watch Collector Who Wears Yellow Pants From FranceIt’s not often you happen upon a man clad entirely in color-block pastels, which is why we stopped Bruce Factor for this Video Look Book.
  28. loose threads
    Christina Aguilera Launches Fragrance; Mario Testino Explains DeynChristina Aguilera’s new fragrance was inspired by Andy Warhol and Tokyo, Mario Testino explains why he dropped Deyn from Burberry, and more!
  29. loose threads
    Ralph Rucci Takes Top Prize; Karl Lagerfeld Inspires HimselfRucci nabbed the fashion prize in the American Design Awards, Karl Lagerfeld was his own muse for his new handbag line, and Beyoncé proved people don’t really eat dinner at the Met gala.
  30. loose threads
    The First Issue of ‘Very Elle’; Fashion Magazines Lower Self-EsteemAmber Valletta lands the first cover of ‘Very Elle,’ the media makes women view themselves as sex objects, and Alber Elbaz says fat designers make lighter clothes.
  31. Why the French Dress Better Than Everyone ElseIt’s simple: They’re freaking French, and we’re not.
  32. body issues
    Despite Impending French Ban, Fashion Industry Holds Fast to Thin IdealsOn Tuesday in Paris, a French bill that would imprison for up to three years and fine for up to $70,000 anyone who “incited excessive thinness” was passed by the National Assembly; the bill now just needs approval from the French senate to become law.
  33. run through
    Versace Infiltrates the Italian ParliamentThe Italian parliament just got way more interesting. Yes, really! Santo Versace won a seat in it.
  34. body issues
    Breaking: France Is ThisClose to Banning Skinny ModelsA bill in France that would make it illegal for anyone to publicly incite extreme thinness has passed the lower house and is moving on to the Senate.
  35. body issues
    France Revisits the Skinny-Model ProblemFrance is not ignoring the skinny model problem, pas de tout. But they expect the titans of industry to change the status quo on voluntary basis.