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Frances Valentine

  1. fall campaigns 2018
    Kate Spade Lives on Through These New Frances Valentine DesignsCheerful, colorful, and true to Spade’s magical sensibilities.
  2. fashion
    After Kate Spade’s Death, Will Frances Valentine Find Its Footing?As CEO Elyce Arons grieves the loss of her friend, she’s also left with the question of how to honor her legacy in the business they started together.
  3. How Fashion Designer Kate Spade Gets Everything DoneOn making it in fashion, why being a mother is the most important job in the world, and drinking Diet Pepsi to wake up.
  4. don’t call it a comeback
    Kate Spade Is Back With a New Line and a New NameMeet Frances Valentine.
  5. alter egos
    Kate Spade Changed Her Surname for Her New LineSay hello to Kate Valentine.