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  1. are u coming?
    It’s an Actual NYC Frat Party“Picture a frat basement if it had an insecurity about being a New Yorker.”
  2. self
    Can Women Fix Fraternities?If you can’t beat the old boys’ club, join ’em.
  3. protests
    Students Call to Abolish University of Nebraska FratHundreds gathered outside of the fraternity house after a student was allegedly sexually assaulted this week.
  4. deadly hazing
    Ex-Fraternity Brother Sentenced to Three Months House Arrest in Hazing DeathRyan Burke will also pay a $3,000 fine for the death of Timothy Piazza.
  5. awful things
    Missouri Fraternity Allegedly Forced New Members to Give Women Date-Rape DrugsMen hoping to join the fraternity allegedly had to drug a woman as part of initiation.
  6. bros
    Nick Jonas Says Being Famous Is Like Getting Hazed by a Frat“I compare living a public life … as my own version of hazing.”
  7. frat culture
    The Connection Between Frat Hazing and Rape CultureAndrew Neel thinks fraternity problems for women begin with men.
  8. awful things
    Washington State University Fraternity Suspended After Reports of Sexual AssaultOne woman was allegedly assaulted, and at least three say they were drugged.