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  1. celebrity beauty
    Bella Thorne Found a New Way to Hide PimplesHear her out.
  2. pretty simple
    How to Do ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ When You Have FrecklesDon’t hide them!
  3. the skin we’re in
    A Swedish Tattoo Artist on Her Skin-Care RoutineMiryam Lumpini on sheet masks, freckles, and exfoliating with sugar.
  4. You Can Now Get Freckles Tattooed on Your FaceThe sun-kissed spots are now sought after.
  5. chanello
    Gisele Bündchen Is Chanel’s Newest Beauty VloggerGisele does it all. 
  6. Temporary Freckle Tattoos May Be Coming SoonThe future looks freckle-y.
  7. beautygrams
    Retro Eyebrows and Light Freckles at Adam SelmanLike a ‘60s model.