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Freddie Fackelmayer

  1. orange people
    Senate Considers Tax on Indoor TanningIt sounds like a fairly lucrative revenue stream.
  2. orange people
    Guess What Freddie Fackelmayer Has Been Up To?Shopping at Kmart, that’s what.
  3. party lines
    Roxy Olin Thinks Freddie Fackelmayer ‘Has Been in a Booth’As in, a TANNING booth.
  4. inner city life
    The City Goes to the Hamptons!Relive the epic douchiness in our recap of last night’s episode.
  5. inner city life
    Freddie Fackelmayer Should Not Have Brought His Dad on The CityEnjoy a recount of the humility in our recap from last night’s episode.
  6. loose threads
    $10 Million Worth of Counterfeit Goods Seized; Karl Lagerfeld Pals Around With UsherAlso, Chanel Iman has been tweeting about interning at ‘Teen Vogue.’
  7. people who do nothing for a living
    Meet Freddie Fackelmayer, Jay’s Replacement on The CityHe’s very tan, works in real estate, and may or may not shower regularly.