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  1. freedom
    Celebrities Love Losing Their Blue ChecksFinally, they are freed from the shackles of Twitter verification.
  2. freedom
    The Goats Have Overrun a Town in WalesThey are simply living deliciously.
  3. freedom
    Huma Abedin Finally Did ItOn Friday, she filed for divorce from Anthony Weiner.
  4. Why Declaring ‘I’m an Introvert!’ Limits Your LifeThere’s just so much more to personality, says a top personality psychologist.
  5. freedom
    Beyoncé Sings ‘Freedom’ A Capella in TributeAt her concert in Glasgow on Thursday.
  6. mansplaining
    Beyoncé Finally Made an Anthem Men Can Appreciate, and I Appreciate ThatA (straight) guy explains his Lemonade obsession.
  7. first person
    The Unexpected, Exhilarating Freedom of Being Single at 41Making a life in the land of “now what?”
  8. freedom
    Will This New App Finally Free Us From the Misery of Group Texts?A small reprieve is in the near future.
  9. freedom
    Heroic Study Says Milk Is Bad for WomenAn award for these researchers. 
  10. break-ups
    Audrey Gelman Is No Longer Doing PR for Terry RichardsonThey broke up.
  11. freedom
    13 Pop Stars Who Sang for DictatorsJ.Lo is not alone.
  12. freedom
    Kim Kardashian Finally Wore Something ComfyWorld’s most uncomfortable pregnant lady lets her belly out.