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  1. frenemies
    How to Spot Frenemies: 9 Ways to Tell You Have a FrenemyPassive aggressive? Always gossiping about you? You might have a frenemy.
  2. frenemies
    Please Don’t Forget to Tag Martha Stewart on InstagramThe media mogul chastised Antoni Porowski for posting pictures of her pets and not tagging her.
  3. frenemies
    The Dakota Johnson–Ellen DeGeneres Intrigue DeepensWhat was Ellen really doing when she skipped the actress’s birthday party?
  4. exes
    Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid Are Reportedly Not Mortal EnemiesDespite some suspicious Instagram activity.
  5. frenemies
    Sarah Jessica Parker Thought She Was Friends With Kim Cattrall But She Was WrongAnd she’s really broken up about it.
  6. frenemies
    Why Is This Cat Hotter Than Me?It’s so smug about it, too.
  7. frenemies
    Taylor Swift Beats Kim K in Instagram FollowersWonder if Kanye regrets sending Taylor flowers.
  8. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Help My Selfish, Depressed Friend?Dump her.
  9. friends forever
    What to Give Your Friends on Every OccasionImpress a frenemy, apologize for being a shitty friend, and say thank you properly.
  10. work
    A Work Frenemy Can Make You Better at Your JobNew research shows some surprising benefits to a love-hate relationship at the office.