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Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

  1. lunchtime buy
    A Foolproof Way to Get Lush Red LipsThis new tinted lip balm is like red lipstick, but easier.
  2. oh my stars
    Astrologer Susan Miller Has Created a Lip BalmStars in your eyes and on your lips, thanks to Fresh.
  3. advent calendar 2017
    Gift of the Day: Everyone’s Favorite Lip BalmSo flattering.
  4. say no to chafing
    14 Beauty Products to Try If You’re a RunnerHow to run as fast as you can without chafing, chapping, or bloody nipples. 
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Fresh Sugar Tulip Tinted Lip TreatmentTulips for your two lips.
  6. Hot to Get Taylor Swift’s Post-Workout PrettinessFlush cheeks, berry-stained pout, and a few well-placed sweat beads.