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Friends Forever

  1. ¡hola papi!
    ‘Two Years Later, I’m Not Over My Friend Breakup’If you can forgive them, do so. That doesn’t mean reaching out and trying to patch things up. It means finding peace with the way things are.
  2. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Best Friendships on TV EditionThe Molly to my Issa, the Maya to my Anna, and the other fictional friendships we love to obsess over.
  3. friends forever?
    I Want My Friends to Take My Anxiety SeriouslyForget the TikToks — ask me how I’m doing.
  4. friends forever?
    Do Friendship-Making Apps Really Work?I’ve given up on dating apps. Maybe swiping for friends would be different.
  5. friends forever?
    My Big COVID Breakup Cost Me My FriendsBreaking up is hard to do. Keeping your mutual friends is harder.
  6. friends forever?
    All Our Best Friendships Exist Over TextSix people on what they get out of text-based relationships.
  7. friends forever?
    Where Are All My Work Friends?Mourning the loss of your favorite colleagues in the world of remote work.
  8. friends forever?
    Friendships Have Never Been Harder to MaintainI am your annoying friend, and you’re welcome.
  9. friends forever
    25 Friendship Quotes to Share With a Best FriendFrom the likes of Beyoncé, Zadie Smith, and more.
  10. still crying
    Joe Biden Proves He and Barack Obama Are BFFsBiden tweeted a photo of one of the bracelets to celebrate the president’s 55th birthday.
  11. All the Things You Missed During Friendship WeekThis week, the Cut explored the complicated realm of female friendship.
  12. friends forever
    Freaks, Geeks, and Mean Girls: 15 Famous Women on Their High-School CliquesWith Dakota Johnson, Sigourney Weaver, and more.
  13. friends forever
    Can Hillary Come Between Friends?When politics and friendship collide.
  14. friends forever
    Girl-Love: Drawings Between Best Friends Joana Avillez and Dasha Tolstikova share a look inside their intimate artistic friendship.
  15. Clique-Stalking: Instagram’s Greatest Social PleasureThe fascination with our friends’ friends.
  16. friends forever
    Both Sides of a Friend Breakup: She Said No to Being a BridesmaidChildhood friends pulled apart by adult expectations.
  17. See a Group of Friends Grow Up Over 30 YearsKaren Marshall began photographing a group of 16-year-olds in 1985 — and has been documenting their friendship ever since.
  18. friends forever
    Bitching Is Bonding: A Guide to Mutual ComplaintIt’s fun and healthy to vent with friends.
  19. best bets
    A Cool Necklace That Benefits a Good CauseYou won’t believe 10-year-olds designed this.
  20. friends forever
    My Best Friend Became a Mean GirlIt took years for her to admit it.
  21. friends forever
    What to Give Your Friends on Every OccasionImpress a frenemy, apologize for being a shitty friend, and say thank you properly.
  22. Envy Nearly Wrecked My Best FriendshipI wanted what he had, which I imagined to be the Dream.
  23. Ask Polly: How Do I Deal With Losing Friends?Start by accepting that different people are different.
  24. friends forever
    The Friend Who Showed Me the Life I Could Have HadI could have had her life of adventure; she could have had my life of stability. Instead, we became friends and got a taste of both.
  25. friends forever
    The Two Friends Who Shared Selfies Every Day for a YearAfter moving apart, they communicated exclusively by images. 
  26. friends forever
    The Secret to Staying Friends in Your 30sIn praise of the high-speed micro-hang.
  27. friends forever
    9 Friends Who Made Me Who I AmAll the people I called “best friend,” from kindergarten through college.
  28. you can’t sit with us!
    ‘Why Is She Sooooo Mean?’: 11 Women on the Cruelest Things a Friend Ever DidViolence, heartbreak, fat-shaming.
  29. friends forever
    Why Do Your Friends’ Clothes Always Seem More Interesting Than Your Own?The Cut hosted a clothing swap to document a timeless ritual of female friendship: sharing clothes.
  30. friends forever
    The Friend I’ve Been Fighting With for 20 YearsThe pleasures and perils of a lifelong friendship.