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  1. torn up and apart
    10 Confessions of Hard Feelings Over the Israel-Gaza War“They don’t stand by me or understand that I feel vulnerable.”
  2. relationships
    Why Can’t Our Friendship Survive Your Baby?Nothing threatens adult relationships like when some friends have kids and others don’t.
  3. profiles
    Whose Story Will Sandi Tan Tell Next?The Idiot seemed like an “unadaptable” book. But after Shirkers, is there anything the director can’t do?
  4. the cut on tuesdays
    How to Tell Your Best Friend You’re TransTalking with Toast founders Daniel Mallory Ortberg and Nicole Cliffe, on this week’s podcast.
  5. get that money
    How Awkward Can It Get When Your Friend Becomes Your Boss?When it comes to your paycheck, pretty awkward.
  6. i do
    The Best Wedding Is This Dog WeddingWhen you know, you know.
  7. science of us
    If You’re Feeling Bad, Email Someone a ComplimentIt’s an S.O.S. reconnection to the world.
  8. forever friends
    Four Best Friends Decided to Share a TombstoneThey’re buried side by side under a pink granite stone that identifies them simply as “FRIENDS.”
  9. gift guides
    The Best Books to Buy for Every Type of FriendWhether they’re obsessed with the royals or just want a good ghost story.
  10. science of us
    What to Say When You Don’t Know What to SayHow to be supportive when words seem pointless.
  11. ask polly
    ‘I Am So Bad at Making New Friends!’Resist the urge to treat friendlessness as a personal failure.
  12. friendships
    Oprah Opens Up About the Start of Her Friendship With Gayle King“We felt our value system was very much the same — our dreams were the same,” Oprah said of her best friend.
  13. Love Map: Sunday Mornings in Hell’s Kitchen With a Cruise-Ship ComedianSunday mornings … when the city really comes alive.
  14. Love Map: A Never-Ending Friendship Forged in 1980s Brooklyn“As a friend she’s like a partner for life.”
  15. friendships
    Serena Williams Texted Meghan Markle After U.S. Open“We have known each other for a long time, but we really kind of are relying on each other right a lot recently.”
  16. science of us
    How to Make Everyone Think You’re an Amazing ListenerIt sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget.
  17. Missing Richard Simmons Illustrated How Hard It Is to Let Someone GoAt its heart, the podcast was a show about seeking closure.
  18. trauma
    How Violence Warps Childhood Friendships in ChicagoMost kids simply gravitate toward peers who are similar to them. In violent parts of Chicago, children need to be a lot more deliberate.
  19. Psychologists Want to Remind You That Your Colleagues Exist Outside of Work“Structured unstructured time” — in non-corporate-speak, that’s chitchat — is highly encouraged.
  20. Confirming Your Worst Fears, New Study Shows Most of Your Friends Don’t Like YouAlmost half of what people consider friendships are not reciprocated, according to a new study.
  21. cut cover story
    ‘I’m Having a Friendship Affair’A look at the intensely obsessive, deeply meaningful, occasionally undermining, marriage-threatening, slightly pathological platonic intimacy that can happen between women.
  22. squad goals
    Tina Fey and Friends on the Topic of #Squadgoals“We all know each other’s voices and rhythms.”  
  23. Having Just One Good Friend Strengthens Kids’ ResilienceA scientific celebration of the high-school BFF.
  24. personality
    Your Friends Are More Extroverted Than You AreAnother dimension of the friendship paradox. 
  25. social psychology
    To Make a New Friend, Bond Over Your Social AnxietyIt helps to have something in common, even if that something is fear of social situations.
  26. friendships
    Laughter Makes People Spill Their SecretsAnd this, in turn, likely helps form friendships.
  27. relationships
    It’s Pretty Important for Couples to Make New Friends TogetherResearch suggests it’ll make you like your partner more. 
  28. social psychology
    How a Shared Bathroom Helps College Students Make FriendsRelationships are fostered by chance encounters. 
  29. nobody has to know
    Matthew Williamson and Gwyneth Paltrow Are Secret Best FriendsTheir friendship is so special, she doesn’t want to make the world jealous.
  30. relationships
    Be Mine? Why It’s Smart to Court Your FriendsLike romantic relationships, many friendships begin with one person pursuing the other — and it’s not desperate or weird. It’s smart.
  31. new friends
    Quinn Stumps Outside a Crisis Pregnancy CenterAnd reproductive-health advocate Sandra Fluke joins her.