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Full Frontal

  1. the harvey weinstein case
    Samantha Bee Has a Message for the Creeps of Hollywood: ‘We Are Coming for You’She dubbed Weinstein “White Cosby” in a scathing segment.
  2. women’s march on washington 2017
    Samantha Bee Knows How You Can Get White Women to ProtestEverybody loves knitting!
  3. year in review 2016
    45 Brilliant Things Samantha Bee Said This YearShe was the feminist voice we needed.
  4. election 2016
    Samantha Bee Will Be The Jon Stewart Of the Trump YearsWhile the men of fake news tend to affect a network-anchor posture, Bee fights like someone with real skin in the game.
  5. Samantha Bee And Fellow ‘Nasty Woman’ Madeleine Albright Slam Trump’s MisogynyAnother pitch-perfect Trump takedown from the nastiest woman in late night.
  6. 2016 rnc
    Samantha Bee Takes a Bus Ride to Hell to Meet Pennsylvania VotersIn a very special RNC episode.
  7. the emmys
    6 Clips That Show Why Samantha Bee’s Emmy Snub Is Such a TravestyFor shame, Emmys!
  8. late night
    Samantha Bee Unleashes Righteous Fury on the NRA“Love does not win unless we start loving each other enough to fix our fucking problems.”
  9. video
    The Pro-Life Movement Started Like a Pizza Order, Explains Samantha Bee“How about … abortion?”
  10. video
    Samantha Bee Skewers Men Upset About Tubman $20Afterall, white men are, tragically, only on all seven of the bills currently in production.
  11. your daily dose of injustice
    Sam Bee Shows No Workplace Is Safe for WomenApparently, working on a cruise ship is “Rapetown USA.”
  12. cut cover story
    Smirking in the Boys’ Room With Samantha BeeShe’s about to become the first female host of a late-night satirical news show. She wants to make damn sure she’s not the last.