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  1. golden globes 2018
    The Funniest Tweets From This Year’s Golden Globes“Imagine the shame of ever disappointing Laura Dern.”
  2. So That’s Why Ancient Statues Have Tiny PenisesNo, it’s not because they were modeled after your ex-boyfriend.
  3. If You’ve Ever Dreamed of a World Without Men, This Film Is for YouNo Men Beyond This Point has bruised some sensitive male egos.
  4. The Daily Show Deploys ‘Operation Black Hair’An important mission.
  5. You Totally Laugh at Your Own Jokes, and More Facts About LaughterThe science of the giggles.
  6. sorority girls
    Watch a Psycho Barbie Reenact That Sorority E-mailDelta Gamma freak-out gets better.