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Gaga’s Workshop

  1. feuds
    Artist Feels Ripped Off by Lady Gaga’s Windows at BarneysAnd she’s doing something about it.
  2. loose threads
    Lisa Frank Apparel; Hunger Games SketchesPlus, Erin O’Connor is on a new magazine cover.
  3. Bill O’Reilly Has Some Thoughts on Gaga’s Workshop at BarneysThey’re not particularly nice ones.
  4. party lines
    Party Lines: Gaga’s Workshop OpeningPlus Alexander Wang, Neil Patrick Harris, Bryanboy, and more.
  5. disco barneys
    Inside Gaga’s Twisted Holiday WorkshopA wonderland of armadillo-shoe cookies, Swarovski-encrusted teacups, hair-bow headbands, rock-candy earrings, and toddler-size biker jackets.