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    Karolina Kurkova’s Pure, Natural Skin-Care RoutineKarolina Kurkova uses coconut oil all over her body. And oatmeal on her face.
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    The Perfume Sisters With Opposing Skin-Care RoutinesThey work on MCMC Fragrances together, but one prefers a more natural regimen.
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    This Ballerina’s Hydrating Skin-Care RoutineShe believes in switching around products.
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    A Pro Makeup Artist’s Sensitive Skincare RoutineHer favorite lip balm is a nipple cream.
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    Game Face: How Lily Kwong Banishes Cheek AcneThe model’s secret past: breakouts!
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    Game Face: Amber VallettaThe actress and model tells us what she uses on her skin in hopes that we can all copy it and get skin like hers.