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  1. gaming
    The Goose Game Is RealFor some, Untitled Goose Game is just a game. For the residents of this small town, it’s real, and also the geese are swans.
  2. games
    The Monopoly Man Has Been Replaced by a Monopoly Girl BossHer name is “Ms. Monopoly.”
  3. apps
    I Can’t Believe How Much Money I‘ve Spent on This iPhone Home-Design GameBut it makes me happy.
  4. social studies
    Is It Rude to Play HQ at Parties?The trivia app is infiltrating real-world social life.
  5. today in dads
    This New Video Game Lets You Play As a Hot Dad Dating Other Hot DadsWe talked to the creators of Dream Daddy.
  6. get in formation
    The Bloop Guide to Summer PartiesAminatou Sow and Jenna Wortham on what to wear, eat, drink, and play between now and Labor Day.
  7. What It Means to Be Uncommonly Good at Cards Against HumanityIt’s about more than having a weird sense of humor.
  8. games
    Based on This Us Weekly Questionnaire, How Old Would You Say Tyga Is?A guessing game.
  9. i spy
    All of This Year’s Best Actress Nominees Have Something in CommonCan you guess? Can you?
  10. games
    Katy Perry Will Soon Be Sold As a GamePerry is developing a phone game with the makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. 
  11. games
    How to Win at Rock-Paper-ScissorsIt’s not entirely up to chance. 
  12. fun and games
    There Are Secret Gender Messages in Crossword PuzzlesGender disparity in game form.
  13. games
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Played a Fun Game on EllenIt was an accusatory twin game. 
  14. love and apps
    There’s a Handy New App for Betting on Friends’ RelationshipsLike Tinder with schadenfreude.
  15. Announcing Angry Birds, the Girlfriends VersionIt promises shades of pink and frenemies. 
  16. games
    Meet the Woman Giving Cards Against Humanity a Makeover“Ladies Against Humanity” plays the Georgia “That’s Not a Flower” O’Keeffe card.
  17. naked people
    Where Penthouse Outtakes Go: Erotic Photo HuntErotic Photo Hunt’s editor discusses greatest hits.