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  1. injuries
    How Does One Rip Their Glutes ‘to Shreds’ While Gardening?Queen guitarist Brian May says it happened to him.
  2. celebrity
    Of Course Martha Stewart Is Isolating With Her GardenerThe two have reportedly been working long hours to make sure her estate is in tip-top shape.
  3. hot shot
    Imagine Running Into These Two at the Farmers MarketAlessandro Michele and Jared Leto harvest fall trends together.
  4. science of us
    My Tiny Green Servants Aren’t Even Doing Their One Job?Houseplants don’t meaningfully clean the air.
  5. the constant gardener
    Gardener Murders Enemies From Beyond GraveRevenge never sleeps.
  6. plant people
    Wait, Is Rihanna Actually Designing Garden Products?Maybe.
  7. tribes
    The Ecoartists Who Are Relandscaping New York’s Concrete JungleA movement focused on “giving back to the environment that we’ve taken so much from.”
  8. the strategist
    The 7 Best Garden Tools to Buy This Growing SeasonWe consulted a slew of New York City gardeners.
  9. best bets
    A Terrarium to Bring Your Green Thumb IndoorsAdd dimension to your space.