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  1. first person
    Replaying My ShameThirteen years later, what happened at Gawker isn’t going away.
  2. media
    What the Hell Is Happening Over at Gawker 2.0?In light of the most recent update, it’s unclear when — or if — the site will relaunch.
  3. #hulkvsgawk
    Jury in Gawker Case Asks Jezebel Editor If She’s Ever Slept With Her BossesWeird they didn’t ask the male defendants the same question.
  4. media wars
    Gawker Slammed for Story Outing Condé Nast Exec [Updated]The story alleged that a married executive had arranged to meet up with a gay escort.
  5. troll watch
    Women Pay the Price for the Internet’s Culture of AnonymityJezebel comments, like Twitter and Reddit, have become a breeding ground for jerks.
  6. leave lena alone
    Gawker Still Punishing Lena Dunham for Daring to WriteShe has the Miranda July thing, says The New Yorker fiction podcast. 
  7. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Makes Employees Sign $1 Million Confidentiality AgreementsAnd the soap opera continues…