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  1. gay fish
    An Australian Harper’s Bazaar Editor Is Working With Kanye West on His Clothing LineApparently this thing is maybe really happening.
  2. gay fish
    Kanye West’s Clothing Line Confirmed by Central St. Martins Professor“I warn against dismissing it in haste.”
  3. gay fish
    Kanye West Is Supposedly Showing a Line at New York Fashion WeekOr so “excellent sources” tell a British tabloid.
  4. gay fish
    Kanye West Allegedly Not Invited to the Louis Vuitton Show, Turned Away From BalmainOf course they wouldn’t want to deal with him, in this of all seasons.
  5. gay fish
    Your Next VMan Comes With a Money-Eating Kanye West on the CoverIt seems literal dollars are sticking out of his mouth.
  6. gay fish
    Rumor: Kanye West to Wear Balmain on TourSpecifically, pantsuits and gilded jeans refashioned from the women’s fall 2010 collection.
  7. lanvin fish
    Kanye West Engaged in ‘Deep’ Conversation With Alber ElbazSome people have all the luck.
  8. gay fish
    Kanye West Isn’t Following Any Models on Twitter AnymoreOH MY GOD. Send out the news alert!!!
  9. gay fish
    Kanye West Feels Like Lindsay Lohan Made It Impossible for Him to Do a Fashion LineHe called her Ungaro collection “9/11 for celebrities doing fashion.”
  10. gay fish
    In Case You Were Wondering What Kanye West and Amber Rose Have Been Up To …Licking each other.
  11. gay fish
    Kanye West Unveils Italics in New BlogAlso, Amber Rose posing as Grace Jones.
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    Kanye West Lives Fashion ‘SO HARD’All caps can only mean one thing — he’s a-bloggin’ again.
  13. gay fish
    Kanye Poses for Bathing Ape, Continues Abusing Caps LockMaybe Amber is coaching him on how to be a model?
  14. gay fish
    Kanye West’s Pastelle Line Shall Never Grace the Bodies of the General PublicThe launch has been CANCELED.
  15. gay fish
    Patrick Robinson Thinks Kanye West Should Stick to MusicApparently he’s not technically a Gap intern — he just hangs out there.
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    Kanye West Styled a Mysterious Model for October’s ElleWith any luck it was his better half, Amber Rose.
  17. gay fish
    Delightful! Kanye West Rumored to Be Designing a Line for GapFinally, we feel like we can relate to him again.
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    Kanye’s Louis Vuitton Sneakers Have Already Sold OutBut they have names and specific prices, and that stuff is always fun to talk about.
  19. gay fish
    Alert: Launch of Kanye West’s Fabled Louis Vuitton Sneakers DELAYEDBut you can at least look at pretty pictures of them.
  20. it’s kanye day! whee!
    Has the Fashion Community Wrongly Paid More Attention to Kanye West Than to Justin Timberlake?We’ve conducted a careful analysis of the fashion prowess of each to answer that question.
  21. it’s kanye day! whee!
    Amber Rose Signed With FordAs in the modeling agency.
  22. it’s kanye day! whee!
    Kanye West and Lady Gaga to Tour TogetherAnd they’re co-headlining. It’s too much!
  23. loose threads
    Kanye West and Amber Rose Buy His-and-Hers Hoodies; Carla Bruni Contacts PETAAlso, Diane Von Furstenberg is making High Line towels.
  24. gay fish
    How to Dress Like Kanye WestFirst, get rich so you can buy a Balmain T-shirt.
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    Kanye West’s Shoot With Naked Amber Rose NOT for Louis Vuitton AdsSo the house has not lost its mind.
  26. gay fish
    Amber Rose Bares Her Rump in Kanye’s Louis Vuitton Sneaker CampaignYour Friday just got a whole lot weirder.
  27. gay fish
    At This Very Moment, Kanye West Is Deeply Absorbed in Clothing DesignAnd himself, of course.