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Gay Marriage

  1. lgbt rights
    Bermuda Reversed Gay Couples’ Right to MarryThey’re the first country to pass and then repeal same-sex marriage.
  2. local politics
    This Man Was Denied a Marriage License by Kim Davis, Now He Wants Her JobDavid Ermold applied to run for Rowan County Clerk in Kentucky today.
  3. lgbtq rights
    A Court Just Ruled That Same-Sex Couples Can Sue Kim DavisThe couple’s case had previously been thrown out.
  4. gallery
    See Moving Portraits of Same-Sex Couples Both Real and ImaginaryCombating homophobia in France.
  5. Mormon Church More or Less Bans Same-Sex Couples and Their KidsThe Church of Latter-day Saints doubles down on discrimination.
  6. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner Is Warming Up to Same-Sex Marriage“If that word marriage is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”
  7. scotus
    Marriage Equality Is Also a Win for Single PeopleIf only Anthony Kennedy realized that.
  8. michael lacour
    Princeton University Has Rescinded Its Employment Offer to Michael LaCourThe scandal appears to be winding down.
  9. interview
    Now Is a Good Time to Feel Optimistic About Marriage EqualityTalking with Jim Obergefell, the man behind the historic SCOTUS case.
  10. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Probably Fabricated a Document About Research Integrity“It was an early warning sign of bigger issues.”
  11. michael lacour
    The Strangest Thing About LaCour’s ResponseA major issue goes entirely unaddressed.
  12. debunking
    How a Grad Student Uncovered a Huge Fraud“What’s the book? There’s no book for this. What do we do?’”
  13. michael lacour
    Michael LaCour Made Up a Teaching Award, Too It appears the fabrication extends to another part of his CV.
  14. debunking
    An Interview With Donald Green, the Co-Author of the Faked Gay-Marriage Study“I’m quite embarrassed by the whole situation, embarrassed to have any role in the situation.”
  15. A Really Important Political Science Study About Gay Marriage Used Faked DataA brewing science scandal.
  16. put a ring on it
    The Tiffany Proposal Fantasy, Gay EditionThe jeweler’s first wedding ring ad featuring a same-sex couple.
  17. political psychology
    20 Minutes With a Gay Person Changes MindsPersonal stories matter — a lot.
  18. gay marriage
    You Will TOTALLY BELIEVE This UNSURPRISING Fact About Gay CouplesIn a non-surprise non-twist, it would appear gay couples are pretty similar to straight ones.
  19. A Third of Gay Newlyweds Are Over 50. That’s BigNew York Times wedding announcements are a great barometer of cultural trends.
  20. rites of passage
    Parties We Should Have Instead of WeddingsBecause American sex and mating bevahior has evolved a lot faster than our laws, policies, and social rituals.
  21. brides
    French Elle Takes Sides in Gay Marriage Debate“Mariage pour toutes”— c’est chic!
  22. weddings!
    Seattle Gives Marriage Licenses to Gay CouplesSanctity of marriage reportedly intact.
  23. preposterous backlashes that don’t even work
    J.C. Penney’s Two Dads Expected Some of the Backlash“We didn’t expect it to go unnoticed at all.”
  24. preposterous backlashes that don’t even work
    J.C. Penney and Its Two Dads Are Just Having Fun With One Million Moms NowThe company’s newest advertisement features “real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children, Claire and Mason.” For shame!
  25. preposterous backlashes that don’t even work
    J.C. Penney Actually Benefits From One Million Moms’ IreThe retailer’s “consumer perception” spiked after One Million Moms attacked them.
  26. political style
    New Marc Jacobs Tees Demand Gays’ Right to WedPrinted with the coolest lesbian illustration we’ve seen in a while.
  27. losing edge
    Urban Outfitters Responds to Controversy From Yanking Same-Sex T-shirt“The T-shirt was pulled because it was not selling.” Okay.
  28. losing edge
    Urban Outfitters Yanks Same-Sex Marriage T-shirt From ShelvesLess than a week after the item first arrived in stores and online, it was gone.
  29. party lines
    Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler to Tie the Knot!Doonan says since he’s always felt married, actually getting married is “more like paying a parking ticket.”