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Gender Bias

  1. gender bias
    Grammys Announces Bias Task Force After Its President Tells Women to ‘Step Up’Recording Academy president Neil Portnow had said women need to “step up” to win awards.
  2. 3 Women Are Suing Google for Alleged Sex DiscriminationIn a class-action suit, three plaintiffs accuse the tech giant of sex discrimination against its female employees.
  3. Could a Two-Hour Workshop Help Get More Women Hired in STEM?A promising new study shows workshops designed to break people’s “bias habits” could help get more women hired in STEM fields.
  4. employment discrimination
    These Studies Prove Top Law Firms Prefer to Hire Higher-Class MenThey were overwhelmingly more in demand than higher-class women, as well as lower-class men and women.
  5. old people
    Study: Actresses Get Less Valuable After Age 34This research on gender, age, income, and Hollywood is a bummer.
  6. technology
    The History of Sexy, Servile Lady Robot Voices Siri, Her, and the history of the digital MPDG. 
  7. having it all
    How to Hire Women: Compare Them to MenAnd other women!
  8. inevitable diet package
    I Spent Two Weeks Working Out ‘Like a Man’“What’s the matter, is she pregnant or something? Kick harder!”