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Gender Discrimination

  1. culture
    Apparently, Vanna White Hasn’t Gotten a Raise in 18 YearsPay this card-turning icon what she deserves!
  2. lawsuits
    Pinterest Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit for $22.5 MillionFormer COO Françoise Brougher says she’s “glad Pinterest took this very seriously.”
  3. lawsuits
    A Former Chief Has Accused the NYPD of Rampant Gender DiscriminationA new lawsuit alleges that the department systematically excludes women from top positions.
  4. women’s rights
    Illinois Votes to Ratify the Equal Rights AmendmentJust 36 years after the congressional deadline.
  5. the wing investigation
    Gender-Studies and Law Professors Support NYC Investigation Into The Wing“Sure, some might like all women spaces, but this can’t be its business model.”
  6. gender discrimination
    Women-Only Social Club Is Under Investigation by the NYC Human Rights CommissionRepresentatives from The Wing and the Commission have scheduled to meet and discuss the case, according to the Jezebel report.
  7. gender discrimination
    FEMA Press Secretary Quits, Claiming the Office Was a ‘Boys Club’He resigned over the front office’s treatment of the former head of external affairs.
  8. silicon valley or ‘silicon valley?’
    ‘Diversity Memo’ Dude Sues Google for Discriminating Against White MenJames Damore alleges Google is singling out and terminating conservative Caucasian men.
  9. the gender pay gap
    Woman Claims Google Paid Less-Qualified Male Colleague More for Same WorkPreschool teacher Heidi Lamar has joined a class-action suit against Google.
  10. lawsuits
    Newsweek May Be Facing a Huge Gender-Discrimination LawsuitAnd there’s reportedly a particular focus on editor-in-chief Matt McAllester.
  11. everyday sexism
    This Woman Claims She Was Fired For Leaking During Her PeriodAlisha Coleman is suing her former employer for firing her for having heavy periods.
  12. A Woman in Saudi Arabia Was Arrested for Posting This Picture Without a HijabShe wore a dress, a coat, and ankle boots, but no hijab, in a Twitter picture.
  13. women in hollywood
    The Government Is Investigating Gender Discrimination in HollywoodFinally.
  14. lawsuits
    Former Ad Exec Sues New York Times for Gender DiscriminationArielle Davies says she was let go despite good performance after taking the four-month maternity leave she was entitled to.
  15. brogrammers
    Twitter Transforms Into a Literal Frat HouseAmidst an ongoing gender-discrimination lawsuit, the company threw a frat-party-themed happy hour last night.
  16. dubious claims
    Only Guy in Gender Studies Class Sues Teacher for Discrimination“I felt anxiety … I didn’t expect it would be all women.”
  17. dirty business
    Dry-clean Your Clothes the Feminist WayWash that gender discrimination right out of your delicates.
  18. how-tos
    The Boys Club Seduction Guide Merrill Lynch UsedAccording to a new gender-discrimination lawsuit.