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Gender Equality

  1. #balancetonporc
    France Introduces Bill to Fine Men up to $920 on the Spot for Sexual HarassmentThe bill also extends the statute of limitations on filing rape complaints.
  2. meanwhile in canada
    This Magazine Wants Men to Pay More for Its Pay-Equity IssueIt asks men to pay $1.82 more.
  3. women’s march 2018
    Protesters Around the World Share Photos of the 2018 Women’s MarchesFull crowds, inspiring signs, and acts of solidarity, as captured by protesters.
  4. women’s march 2018
    Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Women’s MarchFrom the details about the marches across the country (and in NYC) to what you should wear and bring to the events.
  5. gender equality
    Men Finally Forced to Face the Wrath of Office Air-ConditioningAn upside to men wearing shorts.
  6. mind the gender gap
    1 in 4 Think We’ll Be Able to Time Travel Before Reaching Gender EqualityAccording to a new report by the Rockefeller Foundation.
  7. gender equality
    A Record Number of Women Were Just Elected in the U.K. General ElectionOver 200.
  8. More Women Politicians Could Mean Fewer Infant DeathsNew research shows an effect of gender equality in the legislature.
  9. advice
    Cecile Richards and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on How to Survive 2017As told to Katie Couric at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit last night.
  10. gender equality
    Millennials Are More Likely to Think Women Should Stay at HomeA new study finds one surprising shift in young people’s views of gender egalitarianism.
  11. gender equality
    Republican Men Think Women Have It BetterA new survey found that 51 percent of Republican men think it’s a good time to be a woman in America.
  12. mind the gender gap
    Why Is the Trump Team Looking Into State Department Gender-Equality Programs?Officials reportedly fear what this means.
  13. gender equality
    Wonder Woman Is Out of a Job at the United Nations After Much CriticismIt turns out Wonder Woman maybe wasn’t the best rep for the U.N. gender-equality campaign.
  14. gender equality
    This Report Proves Gender Equality Is Getting Worse, Not BetterAccording to a report from the World Economic Forum, the global pay gap is now larger than at any point since 2008.
  15. gender equality
    Emma Watson Helped Make a Short Film to Inspire You, LadiesJump those hurdles. Swing from a chandelier.
  16. the long game
    The NFL Is Taking Steps to Recruit More WomenIt’s part of a major push for gender equality.
  17. everyday sexism
    Men Are Getting Better at Housework, But Women Still Do MoreWe still haven’t achieved housework parity.
  18. emoji
    Google Introduces New Gender-Equality EmojiPrepare to introduce the woman welder to your group texts.
  19. the medieval times they are a changin’
    Women Finally Allowed to Participate in the Same Nerdy Activity As MenMedieval jousting just got a little more equal.
  20. symbolic gestures
    Women Navy Recruits Are Now Given the Same Hats As MenIt’s the first step toward more gender-neutral uniforms.
  21. Prince Harry, Woke Royal, Made a Feminist Speech“There are way too many obstacles between girls and the opportunities they deserve.”
  22. the youngs and the olds
    Old Women Are Down for Gender Equality, While Young Women WaffleFeminism: a point of contention? You don’t say.
  23. parenting
    It Turns Out Millennials Are Pretty Retro DadsDespite their ideals of egalitarian partnership, young dads still shirk domestic duties.
  24. laws
    The Women’s Equality Act Will Soon Be a Reality in New York State lawmakers recently passed the majority of the proposed bills without much fuss. 
  25. letter writing campaigns
    Meryl Streep Reminds Congress We Need an ERAShe sent a letter to every member of Congress asking them to revive it.
  26. quotables
    Salma Hayek: ‘Cinema Undermines Women’s Intelligence’ “Cinema undermines women’s intelligence,” she said at a Cannes panel this weekend.
  27. gender equality
    Jane Fonda Battles the Friend Zone and Toxic Masculinity in One SpeechThe activist actress speaks at the International Conference on Masculinities.
  28. foam and diamonds
    A Sparkly, Golden Megayacht Made Just for GirlsThis is probably what Virginia Woolf meant by “a room of one’s own.”
  29. love and war
    Tips for Female Employees at Video-Game Companies: Yell and Wear Bright Clothes“They don’t give you the ‘courtesy pause’ they normally give to the guys. I feel that I always need to wave my hand and yell, I’m here!!! I exist!!!
  30. scoops
    Notes on Being a Female Reporter in the 1970sNina Totenberg remembers.
  31. beach ready
    Men Are Worried About Their Beach Bodies TooOr some of them are.
  32. having it all
    Want More Women in Leadership? Help New MomsSheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer and Beyoncé are great. But what about us regular women?