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Gender Identity

  1. pregnancy
    How Being Trans Prepared Me for PregnancyI was used to feeling like my body wasn’t quite my own.
  2. cut chat
    On That Ending of I May Destroy YouThe Cut staff on Michaela Coel’s rigorous, unsettling show.
  3. Texas Mayor Is the State’s First Openly Trans Person to Serve in Elected OfficeJess Herbst has been New Hope’s mayor since May.
  4. i’m yelling tinder
    Tinder Introduces More Gender OptionsPeople no longer have to choose to identify as either “male” or “female.”
  5. gender identity
    This BBC Interview With a Gender-Nonbinary Kid Is Fascinating and ProblematicAre conservative approaches to gender winning out once again?
  6. interview
    Laura Albert on a New Documentary About JT LeRoyTalking with the woman behind the massive literary hoax.
  7. pope francis
    Pope Francis Says It’s ‘Terrible’ Children Can Choose Their Own GendersCool Pope who?
  8. gender identity
    A False Charge Helped Bring Down Kenneth ZuckerHe didn’t call a former patient a “hairy little vermin” after all.
  9. big words
    Wait, Cisgender Wasn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary Already?It’s a surprise to see it among gimmicky additions like sext and half-ass.