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Gender Inequality

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    The Fashion Industry Is Still Run by MenDon’t be fooled by the Girl Power logo tees.
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    Saudi Arabia Will Let Women Wear Bikinis, But Only at Ritzy New ResortThe Red Sea Project will have 125 miles of beaches and 50 islands.
  3. gender inequality
    A Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Was Freed From Detention Without a Male GuardianMaryam al-Otaibi’s release is being celebrated as a feminist victory.
  4. gender inequality
    Saudi Arabia Will Now Let Girls Take Gym ClassThe change will come to public schools at the start of the next academic school year.
  5. A Male Director Told Jessica Chastain She Talks About ‘Women Stuff’ Too Much“I had one male director say to me that I talk too much about all of this ‘women stuff.’”
  6. gender inequality
    Gender Inequality Over, Say Nation’s MenSeventy-five percent of Republican men and 56 percent of all men believe that women no longer face obstacles in getting ahead.
  7. Women in Advertising Discuss ‘Acting Like a Man’ to Make ItAnd what it’s like when men ignore them.