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Gender Issues

  1. An LGBTQ Suicide-Hotline Volunteer on Talking to Trans Youth in Trump’s America“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it makes such a difference for them to just have a safe place to talk.”
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    Think Gender Is Performance? You Have Judith Butler to Thank for That.The radical theorist who spawned a gender-queer nation — and became a pop celebrity in the process.
  3. gender issues
    Women Who Show Anger Are Taken Less SeriouslyIt undermines their argument, while the opposite is true for men. 
  4. trans rights
    Smith College Will Now Admit Trans WomenA historic policy change for the women’s college.
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    The Next Season of ABC’s The Bachelorette Will Be a Deathmatch Two women, one true love.
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    Movies That Pass the Bechdel Test Perform BetterGender equality is good for business. 
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    Study: Actresses Get Less Valuable After Age 34This research on gender, age, income, and Hollywood is a bummer.
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    Germany No Longer Requires Gender Assignment at BirthGermany is Europe’s first country to not mandate gender assignments for newborns.