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    An Actual Gender Studies Professor Debunked That Viral Hurricane Harvey Tweet“We love to laud a woman cradling her child but don’t support paid maternity leave.”
  2. Depressing Study Finds Gender Stereotypes Haven’t Changed Since the 1980sFun!
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    Students Are Kind of Harsh When Evaluating Their Female ProfessorsThey tend to rate them lower than they do male instructors.
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    Women: Are You Maximizing the Sexiness of Your Free Time?A study published in the Journal of Creative Behavior looks at the sex appeal of various hobbies. 
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    Helpful Reminder: Boobs and Brains CoexistJoanna Coles defends Cosmo’s November cover.
  6. dubious claims
    Only Guy in Gender Studies Class Sues Teacher for Discrimination“I felt anxiety … I didn’t expect it would be all women.”
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    Uptalk Is for Everyone, at Least in CaliforniaIt’s a new study?
  8. Feminism, According to Stock PhotographyA slideshow of inadvertent memes created by stock-photo websites.
  9. quotables
    Don’t Tell William T. Vollmann’s Wife About the Cross-DressingThe author doesn’t want to cause his family any embarrassment.
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    Germany No Longer Requires Gender Assignment at BirthGermany is Europe’s first country to not mandate gender assignments for newborns.
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    Meet William T. Vollmann’s Female Alter EgoShe’s named Dolores, and he dresses up as her to learn “what a woman feels.”
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    What Does Manhood Mean in 2013?No one’s sure, but that’s okay.
  13. pants are the worst
    Boys Wear Skirts at School to Beat the Heat, the Man This is a pretty brilliant protest strategy.
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    Women Aren’t Perceived As Being Too DrunkReal ladies get “buzzed.”
  15. boy problems
    Study: Kindergarten Rigged Against BoysEconomist swears it’s not the end of men. Look at their test scores!
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    Women Twice As Likely As Men to Use Emoticons:/