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Gender Wars

  1. science of us
    What’s the Point of Winning?To assert dominance, make money, feel good, crush enemies, and then?
  2. binaries
    Introducing Mansplaining, a New Series on the CutAlso, the Cut is devoting this week to letting men explain things to us. Naturally, we’ve named the package Mansplaining.
  3. Jennifer Garner Is Training Her Daughters for Gender Wars“That’s why they’ve been taking karate since they were little!”
  4. war on men
    ‘War on Men’ Writer: Lean on Your HusbandSuzanne Venker is back.
  5. feelings
    Women Sad, Men Fearful; Humans E-MailThe first large-scale study of sentiment in e-mail found that men and women e-mail differently.
  6. road to sweden
    Hasbro Wants Boys to Play With Easy-Bake Ovens, TooBreaking: online petition actually works!
  7. gender wars
    Women Are Like Immigrants, Says David BrooksThis definitely won’t make anyone hate women more. 
  8. separate but equal
    Congrats on Getting Your Own Ugg Store, Fellas!A bitter fight for gender equality reaches its happy conclusion.
  9. babymaking
    Tick-Tock, the Male Biological ClockWhy women are obsessed with studies about aging sperm.