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  1. book excerpt
    Gender Ratios and the Math of RomanceHow dating became a numbers game.
  2. gender
    A Depressing Reason Sixth-Grade Girls Score Lower in Math Than BoysThe power of hidden biases. 
  3. gender
    Male, Female Brains Are Just a Little DifferentA classic nature-versus-nurture mystery.
  4. gender
    Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Are Coming to SeattleAccording to new legislation adopted on Monday.
  5. Target Steps Into Gender-Neutral FutureToys for everyone!
  6. violence
    10 Trans Women Have Been Murdered in the U.S. This YearIncluding India Clarke, who was found beaten to death in Tampa earlier this week.
  7. language
    Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk?The problem with policing vocal tics.
  8. gender
    In Praise of Caitlyn Jenner’s Femme StyleShe’s been the toast of the paparazzi this week, and it’s glorious.
  9. gender
    The Personal Politics of Public BathroomsThey’re the place where we’re all caught with our pants around our ankles.
  10. gender
    Girls With Working Moms May Do Better When They Grow UpA demonstration of the power of parental role models.
  11. gender
    How Do You Know You’re a Woman?Trans or not, it’s a hard question to answer.
  12. bathrooms
    Everything We Know About Human Bathroom BehaviorWe are a strange species, especially in public bathrooms.
  13. gender
    Explaining the Implicit Quota on Women ExecutivesA quiet sense of “that’s enough” seems to take hold within a company once a woman gets to the top.
  14. gender
    Trans People in California Could Be Fined for Going to the BathroomA new initiative targets the trans community.
  15. q&a
    Designing Maternity Clothes for Genderqueer ParentsTalking to the founders of the new line Butchbaby.
  16. gender
    Why Men Used to Be Scared of Shopping CartsIt takes people a while to adjust to new technology, even when it’s not particularly sexy.
  17. q&a
    The Man of Tomorrow Will Wear LipstickA Q&A with Jop van Bennekom of Fantastic Man.
  18. evolutionary psychology
    Let’s Not Oversimplify Kim Kardashian’s Butt AppealThere are limits to how much evolutionary psychology can explain complicated stuff. Like butts.
  19. relationships
    Gender, Illness, and DivorceThere could be some ugly gender dynamics at work.
  20. resilience
    Why Everyone Who Experiences Assault Recovers DifferentlyA concept called “mastery” is particularly important, as is social support.
  21. sex
    You Are Probably Not Great at Judging When Someone Is Flirting With YouSo says a recent study.
  22. gender
    The Taboo Subject in Women’s BasketballIt’s something that’s constantly talked about when men are playing.
  23. Men Who Make More Money Do Less HouseworkThanks, dudes. 
  24. womyn’s wear
    Soon You and Your Boyfriend Can Buy Posh, Matching OutfitsSelfridges will do away with the gender binary in March.
  25. education
    In Most Places, Girls Are Better Students Than BoysAnd there’s no correlation between a given country’s gender divide and its broader treatment of women.
  26. first person
    I Love Watching Men Worry About BaldingFinally, guys are concerned about aging, too.
  27. crying
    Why Do Women Cry More Than Men?A few possible physiological explanations.
  28. rape
    The Wrong Way to Look at Rape and Bystander InterventionThere’s no reason we can’t try to keep people safe in the short term and fight rape culture in the long term.
  29. gender
    Study Confirms That Men Are DumbSometimes dangerously so.
  30. gender
    Students Give Male Teachers Better EvaluationsIn online classes.
  31. gender
    Macho Stereotypes Are Hurting Guys TooA depressing study of male surgeons suffering because they aren’t masculine enough.
  32. gender
    It’s Now More Socially Acceptable for Men to Diet Than WomenA big-time cultural shift.
  33. bullying
    Mean Boys May Be Just As Common As Mean GirlsGender equality on the mean-rumors and random-social-exclusion fronts.
  34. work
    Powerful Women Are More Likely to Be DepressedThe tension of stepping outside of gender roles. 
  35. sex
    Yes, Women Like It When Guys Play With BabiesField experiments are fun.
  36. social psychology
    What Determines Whether a School Has Mean Girls?How high schoolers find their friends.
  37. smell
    New Research on Why Women Are Better SmellersAn interesting gender divide.
  38. gamergate
    Explaining the Roots of Gamer RageWho gets to call himself a “gamer”?
  39. emotional intelligence
    The Dark Side of Emotional IntelligenceIn the wrong hands, it can be a weapon — for young women, at least.
  40. gamergate
    Gamergate Should Stop Lying to Journalists — and ItselfThis is about the influence of feminism and progressivism in gaming, and the sooner Gamergate can admit that, the sooner we can have a semi-functional debate.
  41. gender
    America Still Isn’t Totally Cool With Lady-BossesThough we are certainly making progress.
  42. gender
    Yes, Men Fake It When They Look at ArtBut it could be because we teach them to.
  43. sex
    The Cruel Paradox of Friends-With-Benefits RelationshipsEveryone knows communication is important, but hardly anyone actually follows through on this.
  44. gender
    People Use ‘I’ and ‘Me’ Less As They Get Older, Says a New Facebook StudyBut why?
  45. Why Women Have More Childhood Memories Than MenIt could come down to how parents talk to boys when they’re little. 
  46. medical history
    The Debate Over an 18th-Century Sex-Change SurgeryIt started when a surgeon noted an “irregularity” in a young patient’s “external parts.”
  47. body image
    Women Who Wear Hijabs May Have a Better Body ImageWhat the hijab tells us about standards of beauty from different parts of the world.
  48. marriage
    Marriage Enthusiasts, Hesitants, and DelayersMost college students fall into one of the three categories, and there are some big gender and class divides.
  49. rape
    Nearly 1 in 5 Women in the U.S. Have Been RapedAccording to a new survey from the CDC.
  50. gender
    Young Men and Women Crash Their Cars DifferentlySome of this probably comes down to young men taking more unnecessary risks.
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