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  1. The People Whose Genetic Tests Uncover MysteriesDealing with the uncertainty of a little-understood genetic mutation can be harder than just getting bad news.
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    Yes, There Is a Genetic Component to IntelligenceIt’s important to recognize what the science says, and, no, that doesn’t lead us inexorably to Nazi race science.
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    Turns Out Nazis Have Some Pretty Wrong Views About GeneticsJust about everyone, everywhere, is a complicated mutt, and stories about “pure” bloodlines are almost always false.
  4. How Adoptees Are Filling In the Holes in Their Family Medical HistoryGenome sequencing can be illuminating, but it’s also an ethical minefield.
  5. You Can Inherit LonelinessBut it’s complicated.
  6. Scientists Want You to Mail Them Your Dog’s SpitThey’re hoping dog DNA will help them understand some human diseases.
  7. We’ve Run Out of Time to Save the BulldogsWe’ve bred them into terrible health over the years, and now it may be too late to undo our mistake.
  8. Scientists Discuss Synthetic Human Genomes in Secret, Scientists-Only MeetingThis turns out to be a reliable way to draw public attention to your private meeting about the future of human genetics.
  9. This Is Why So Many Labrador Retrievers Are So Very FatGenes found in obese Labs may help scientists better understand how to help some obese humans.
  10. The Happiness in Your DNANew research offers a clue on the link between genes and well-being, but let’s not get carried away.
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    Your Dumb Genes Might Be Why All Your Friends Lost Their Virginity Before YouLast virgin standing.
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    A British Scientist Just Got Approval to Begin Gene-Editing EmbryosThe experiments are aimed at advancing infertility treatments.
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    Scientists Made a Huge Genetic Discovery About Schizophrenia This WeekPinpointing the trigger of the mental disorder may lead the way to better treatments.
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    In a Surprising Twist, Baby Looks Like Other Baby With Same DNAUnbelievable!
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    Your Appalling Drunken Behavior Might Be GeneticAn exciting new excuse for dancing on tables.
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    Should All Women Get Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene?It’s not a crystal ball.
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    Genetic Engineering for Our Babies Is RealA new gene-editing technique makes “designer babies” seem like the least of our worries.
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    The Endless Dance of Genetics and Human HistoryGenes give rise to culture, and culture can determine which genes survive.
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    Schizophrenia May Actually Be 8 Disorders in OneA new study explains some of the genetic roots of the disease.
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    Babies Issue a Genetic ‘S.O.S.’ That Can Be Used to Detect SepsisThis could save young lives.
  21. Is Denmark a Happy Place Because of Its Genes?This still doesn’t explain why they’re so good-looking.
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    Do Your Genes Make You a Democrat?Interesting new research suggests genes help explain our political beliefs — but let’s not get carried away.
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    There Is No Such Thing As a Dumb Blonde At least not where genetics are concerned.
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    Intimate Portraits of Models and Their MomsThe fruits of a three-year-long photo project. 
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    It’s Not You, It’s My DNAA gene variation can explain why some people are more attuned than others to relationship problems.