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George Hw Bush

  1. funerals
    Be Thankful You’re Not Sitting in This PewTrump made things extremely awkward at George H.W. Bush’s funeral.
  2. sexual harassment
    Woman Says George H.W. Bush Groped Her During His 1992 Reelection CampaignSeveral women have come forward with allegations against the ex-president, but this one goes the furthest back.
  3. sexual harassment
    George H.W. Bush Accused of Groping Woman When She Was Only 16This is the sixth woman to come forward with an allegation about the former president.
  4. sexual harrassment
    Four Women Have Accused George H.W. Bush of Groping Them (Update)The ex-president’s spokesperson has since issued an apology, calling the incidents an “attempt at humor.”
  5. sexual harassment
    NBC Anchor Implies Women Who Accused Bush Sr. Should Be ‘Ashamed’Here’s Andrea Mitchell’s take on the George H.W. Bush sexual-harassment allegations.
  6. sexual harassment
    Second Woman Accuses George H.W. Bush of Groping HerDuring a group photo, the president reportedly grabbed her butt and made a joke about “David Cop-a-Feel.”
  7. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Lauren Bush Introduces Her Grandparents to the FEED BagThey look a bit confused.