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  1. germs
    Well, at Least We’re Less Disgusting NowThe coronavirus has certainly changed our hygiene habits for the better.
  2. coronavirus
    69 Percent of Men Don’t Wash Their Hands After Using the Bathroom?!An incredibly not-nice statistic.
  3. let’s makeup
    Oh No, I’ve Been Kind of GrossScientists found out that our unwashed beauty products are teeming with bacteria.
  4. science of us
    How Often Should I Wash My Office Water Bottle?I must know.
  5. Watch: You Touch These Things Every Day — and They’re DisgustingYou probably don’t even realize it.
  6. Here Are Just a Few of the Disgusting Things That Live on a Dollar BillA cashless society never sounded better.
  7. wellness theories
    Transparent’s Judith Light on Epsom Salts and Self-Awareness“Meditation isn’t just about going to a mountaintop.”
  8. It’s Okay to Never Wash Your Coffee MugNot quite as gross as it sounds.
  9. wellness theories
    Melissa Joan Hart on Smelly Soap and GuacamoleThe actress on how she stays well with three young kids.
  10. jaundice
    People Are Getting Hepatitis From Strawberry SmoothiesThe outbreak is now in six states.
  11. Here’s a Horrifying Story About a Man Who Was Killed by His Own BagpipesMusicians, clean your instruments.
  12. germs
    The Summer of Superbugs Is Upon UsAnother person in the U.S. has drug-resistant E. coli.
  13. Send Your Kids to Day Care So They Get Sick — It’s Good for ThemJust ask George Carlin.
  14. the end times
    Memorial Day Weekend Is Coming, and So Is a Drug-Resistant Superbug Staying in never sounded so good.
  15. ewwww
    Your Office Is Covered With Tiny Bugs From Your Co-workers’ SkinYou’re sharing more than just inappropriate memes.
  16. cleanliness and godliness
    The Right Way to Wash Your HandsThat bathroom doorknob is, of course, covered in germs.
  17. omens
    How to Avoid Getting Pummeled by a ColdBatten the hatches.
  18. cleaning up
    Sorry, Germophobes: You’ve Been FooledAntibacterial soaps with this active ingredient don’t work any better than regular suds.
  19. germs
    The Less You Sleep, the More Colds You’ll GetNew study reveals you should sleep in tomorrow.
  20. ewww
    We Live in a Poop-Covered WorldYour roommate’s poop germs could be on your toothbrush.
  21. the end of beards
    Men’s Beards Are Actually Vile, Germ-y Cesspools Time for the Health Department to shut down he lumbersexual trend.
  22. look of the day
    John Mayer Accessorized With a Purell KeychainHygienic.
  23. Toilet Seat Covers Only Save You From GermophobiaBacteria is pretty much inescapable in public restrooms.