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  1. the end of men
    The Supreme Court, Reddit, and 9 Other Things in Need of an All-Lady RebootInspired by Ghostbusters.
  2. twitter trolls
    Leslie Jones Bombarded by Racist Trolls All for Starring in a Blockbuster MovieThe amount of vitriol is shocking.
  3. i ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    Why You Should See Ghostbusters Opening WeekendWhen it comes to diversifying Hollywood, your dollars matter much more than usual over the next few days.
  4. calling all single men
    Leslie Jones Kind of Hates The BacheloretteShe jokes she’d rather watch a dating show starring herself.
  5. red carpet
    Leslie Jones Stuns at Ghostbusters PremiereSuck it, haters.
  6. stylists on call
    Leslie Jones Tweets That Designers Don’t Want to Dress HerChristian Siriano offered to help.
  7. If You’re Upset About Female Ghostbusters, You Probably Had an Awful ChildhoodMelissa McCarthy sets the record straight.
  8. hollywood sexism
    Patricia Clarkson on Hollywood Sexism“Eat me!”
  9. saturday night live
    Leslie Jones Offers Words of Wisdom About AgingEven Oprah’s been fired.
  10. ghostbusters
    Selena Gomez Can Commune With the Spirit WorldMore like Selena Ghost-mez.