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  1. weddings
    Everything We Know About Jennifer Lawrence’s Lavish, Possibly Haunted WeddingDon’t worry, J-Law’s reported venue isn’t haunted anymore. Probably.
  2. hobbies
    Check Out Elizabeth Warren’s Haunted Doll CollectionUnexpectedly presidential, actually.
  3. ghosts
    I’m Sorry, But This Bridge Is Clearly HauntedHundreds of dogs have jumped off a bridge in Scotland, for no apparent reason. (Clearly a ghost.)
  4. celebrity
    The One Where Jennifer Aniston Apparently Lived With a Ghost“It was terrifying.”
  5. celebrity breakups
    Love Is Dead: Woman and Her Pirate Ghost Husband Are Breaking Up“All I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality.”
  6. ghosts
    British Woman Who Had Sex With 20 Ghosts Is Engaged (to a ‘Sexy’ Ghost)She says he popped the question during a trip celebrating their nine-month relationship.
  7. ghosts
    I’m Sorry to Report That Jenny McCarthy Is Allegedly Being Haunted“SPOOKY!!!”
  8. paranormal politics
    Trump Nominated This Man to be a Judge … and He’s a Literal Ghost HunterSpooky.
  9. bloody mary
    When Men Treat Assault Stories Like Ghost StoriesWhy accounts of harassment and abuse are so easy to dismiss.
  10. spooky scary
    Wait, Does Andrew Cuomo Think the Governor’s Mansion Is Haunted?Former governor David Paterson certainly thinks so.
  11. The Reason Ghosts Say ‘Boo’ Is Downright AdorableIt’s also a good defense against geese, evidently.
  12. spooky
    Brittany Murphy’s Ghost Crashed Taryn Manning’s DJ SetThe ghost of Brittany Murphy has a very busy schedule.
  13. ghostbusters
    Selena Gomez Can Commune With the Spirit WorldMore like Selena Ghost-mez.
  14. spooky scary
    I Went Drunk Ghost-Hunting and the Only Spirit I Met Was Wine“Any ghosts wanna party with us?”
  15. fade away
    Charlize Theron Gets a Black Belt in Ghosting Poof. Relationship over.
  16. ghosts
    Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens Reads Frankenstein AloudIt could have been a very Downton Halloween.