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    The Transformative Powers of Bright LipstickHow to instantly perk up your face.
  2. beauty gif
    An Easy Look From Selena Gomez’s Makeup ArtistGet glowy in five minutes.
  3. beauty gif
    How to Enhance Bushy EyebrowsMaking good brows great.
  4. beauty gif
    How to Look Better in One MinuteA lesson on cream blush. 
  5. beauty gif
    How To Create a Glowy Eye Look for NightLook like you’re bathed in candlelight even when you’re on the subway.
  6. beauty gif
    The Trick to Getting the Perfect Cat EyeMeow.
  7. beauty gif
    How to Believably Fill in Your BrowsSo they don’t look drawn. 
  8. beauty gif
    The World’s Easiest Way to Highlight Your FaceHow to strobe like a pro.
  9. beauty gif
    How to Look Amazing in Under 10 MinutesA makeup artist’s everyday skin routine.
  10. beauty gif
    How to Avoid Having Splotchy BronzerApply it up to your ears. Really. 
  11. beauty gif
    How to Make Your Eye Shadow Actually Stay OnWithout using primer.
  12. beauty gif
    How to Have Greasy Hair and Not Look CrazyThe “wet-hair look,” in eight easy steps. 
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    How to Draw a Galaxy on Your Nails Nail art for dummies.
  14. beauty gif
    3 Easy, Fancy Ways to Wear a Hair Comb Like Keira KnightleyFancy.
  15. beauty gif
    How to Get the Perfect Brigitte Bardot BumpBetter than a Bumpit.
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    How to Get Perfectly Slept-in, Messy CurlsEmbrace the mousse. 
  17. gif tutorial
    How to Look Sun-Kissed in the Dead of WinterA lesson in cream blush.
  18. gif tutorial
    How to Get a Chic, Gray Smoky Eye for the HolidaysPerfect for the holiday party circuit.
  19. gif tutorial
    How to Make Your Face Look Less ShinyIt’s all about powdering correctly.
  20. gif tutorial
    How to Draw a Sophia Loren–Inspired Cat EyeMeow.
  21. gif tutorial
    How to Perfectly Apply Your ConcealerNo cake-face here. 
  22. gif tutorial
    How to Find Your Cheekbones for Perfect Makeup ApplicationBecause no one likes dolly blush.
  23. gif tutorial
    How to Make Your Eyes Shimmer for HalloweenNo matter what your costume is.
  24. gif tutorial
    How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and BrighterAn eye-shadow method called “the banana.”
  25. beauty gif
    Here’s Proof That Yellow Eye Shadow Can Look GoodMellow yellow.
  26. beauty gif
    How to Make Beige Eye Shadow Look BoldIt’s about the blend.
  27. gif tutorial
    How to Create a Dolce & Gabbana–Inspired Floral ChainNot to be confused with a flower crown.
  28. beauty gif
    How to Give Yourself a Japanese Face MassageIt’s all about hitting the pressure points.
  29. beauty gif
    How to Apply Your Skin Care CorrectlyThere’s an order.
  30. How to Pop Your Collar Without Looking Like a BroNothing fratty to see here. 
  31. How to Get Shower-Radiant, Dewy SkinLook constantly refreshed, all day.
  32. beauty gif
    How to Curl Your Eyelashes With Fire and Not Get BurnedLike a perm for your eyelashes.
  33. gif tutorial
    How to Get Turquoise-Blue Pool EyesLike Bianca Jagger by the pool.
  34. gif tutorial
    How to Do a Glossy Blue Eye for SummerLike a ‘90s Calvin ad.
  35. beauty gif
    How to Give Your Skin a Shimmery Summer GlowHighlights for adults.
  36. gif tutorial
    Beauty GIFs: How to Wake Up With Beach Waves#IWokeUpLikeThis hair.
  37. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Create a Ribbon BunLike Claudia Schiffer.
  38. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Get Commercial-Girl HairBouncy.
  39. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Get Really Shiny HairLike, hair-commercial shiny.
  40. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Draw Stop-Start EyelinerMind the gap.
  41. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: 4 New, Easy Mascara-Application TechniquesOld dogs can learn new mascara tricks.
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    Beauty GIF: How to Do a 2-Step, Navy-Blue Smoky EyeIt’s all in the blend.
  43. gif tutorial
    Beauty GIF: How to Wear Teal EyelinerAnd not look like a peacock.
  44. gif tutorial
    Beauty GIFs: Bobbi Brown on How to Get the ‘Glow’ Sun-kissed, but not bronzed. 
  45. gif tutorial
    Beauty GIFs: How to Get ‘I Just Got Laid’ HairBedhead, minus the tangles.
  46. backstage beauty
    Beauty GIF: Charlotte Tilbury Shows Us How to Do a Cowboy Cat EyeAnd Karolina Kurkova just happens to be there, too.
  47. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Get Jessica Alba’s Braided Oscars BunComplicated looking, but surprisingly easy. 
  48. beauty gif
    Beauty GIF: How to Create a Holiday Confetti-Glitter Eye“How to do glitter without looking like an asshole.”
  49. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Do a Mad Men-Inspired Holiday UpdoIn five hairpins or fewer, just like Joan Holloway.
  50. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to ‘Tightline’ Your EyesThe Invisibility Cloak of eyeliners.
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