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Gift Guide 2016

  1. holidaze
    16 Fashionably Late Gifts for Chic SlackersBecause two-day shipping is your friend.
  2. holidaze
    The 13 Greatest Fashion Books to Give This YearFrom Vogue to Coach to Warhol, these household names will accent anybody’s coffee table.
  3. The Best Gift Ideas for All the Men in Your LifeFor your dad, uncle, boyfriend, brother, and more.
  4. holidaze
    The Best Passive-Aggressive Gifts for Your Significant OtherNo more fighting over the lone phone charger in the apartment.
  5. holidaze
    50 Expensive-Looking Gifts for $50 or LessJust because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it has to look so.
  6. ‘Check Your Privilege’ Cards Are This Holiday Season’s Best GiftA cashmere scarf is temporary. Self-awareness is forever.
  7. holidaze
    19 Gifts for Even the Most Discriminating Design JunkieHelp your loved ones live stylishly.
  8. gift guide 2016
    The Best Holiday Beauty-Gift Sets at SephoraOne for you, one for me — that’s how it works, right?
  9. holidaze
    The Cut Staff’s Hyperspecific Luxury Gift GuideNever give a gift card again.
  10. gift guide 2016
    34 Charming Gifts for KidsThe year’s must-have toys, dressy sneakers, cuddly creatures, and more.
  11. gift guide 2016
    28 (Particularly Timely) Charities to Donate to This Holiday SeasonIn your loved one’s (or better yet, a loathed one’s) name.
  12. gift guide 2016
    6 Incredibly Luxurious Beauty GiftsFancy face dust, a leather-bound manicure set, anti-aging cream made from your own blood, and more.
  13. gift guide 2016
    37 Gorgeous Gifts for the HomeA stripy hammock, doughnut pipes, a super-pillow, and more.
  14. gift guide 2016
    43 Gifts for the Fashion-ForwardA comfortable party dress, Versace slippers, waterproof Chucks, and more.