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Gillian Anderson

  1. celebrity
    Wait, Gillian Anderson and the Guy Who Made The Crown Were Dating?And now they’ve broken up!
  2. i stan
    Gillian Anderson’s Instagram Is Gloriously SexualI don’t care if #penisoftheday is promotional, I must stan.
  3. turt alert
    Gillian Anderson Has Designed a TurtleneckWe can’t wait to wear it on a hot date.
  4. books
    One of the Coolest Women of the ’90s Wrote a Book for Teen GirlsGillian Anderson says she wrote We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere for her younger self.
  5. Gillian Anderson Won’t Put Up With the Daily Mail’s Ageist NonsenseLeave Agent Scully alone!
  6. fuck this fucking wage gap
    Anderson Offered Half Duchovny’s X-Files PayThe truth is out there, and it sucks.