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  1. gimme
    Will the Barbie Movie Save 2023?The power of Margot Robbie’s wink suggests that yes, it will.
  2. necessities
    The Most Covetable Things From Joan Didion’s Estate SaleIncluding Celine sunglasses, her Le Creuset collection, and a bunch of other things I personally need.
  3. i’d buy that
    Drop Everything, Joan Didion’s Estate Sale Is ComingHow much would you pay for a mohair throw that once graced her couch?
  4. gimme
    Put The Entire Succession Cast In Euphoria, You CowardsBrian Cox recreated Cassie’s bathroom breakdown, and we need more STAT.
  5. gimme
    I Want What Kim and Pete HaveSpecifically, a trip to the Bahamas.
  6. gimme
    I Can’t Wait to Be Absolutely Pummeled by Knives Out 2(Screams in Daniel Craig’s Southern accent)