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  1. i’d swipe right
    This Man Is the Human Version of Netflix and ChillAnd your next Halloween costume.
  2. gimmicks
    A British Hairstylist Opened a Special Salon for Overweight PeopleIt has extra-large chairs and robes.
  3. gimmicks
    Random ‘Eau Flirt’ Perfume That Promises to Attract Men Deemed Better Smelling Than Chanel No. 5By men, ladies! Serve them with how you smell!
  4. gimmicks
    A Perfect Addition to the Half-Hooker Economy: Chelsea’s New Hotel for ModelsBut really, the men who want to be among them.
  5. gimmicks
    Mark Indelicato to Intern at Teen VogueChild actors are in, athletes are out.
  6. gimmicks
    V Magazine to Devote January Issue to Plus-Size ModelsSounds like a passing fad.