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  1. girl crushes
    Elena Ferrante Is a New Breed of Literary Girl-CrushItaly’s most celebrated — and reclusive — novelist upends media expectations of female writers.
  2. fashionable friends
    Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley Are Basically Soul Mates Talking to the creative team behind the Marc by Marc Jacobs reboot.
  3. girl crushes
    Happy Birthday, Joan Didion!The ur-literary girl crush is 79 today.
  4. relationships
    Be Mine? Why It’s Smart to Court Your FriendsLike romantic relationships, many friendships begin with one person pursuing the other — and it’s not desperate or weird. It’s smart.
  5. girl crushes
    Let’s Play ‘I Spy’ in Jenna Lyons’s Huge OfficeWith my little brown eye: a dinosaur, a personal note from Tom Sachs …
  6. girl crushes
    Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s Divorce: The Truth Comes OutIt was another woman!
  7. sincere pleas
    Wanna Hang Out, Alison Pill and Anna Chlumsky?Child actors turned HBO stars turned women after our own hearts.
  8. quotables
    Kate Lanphear: Why Editors Shoot Clothes People Will Never Wear“My job is to make people dream.”
  9. girl crushes
    Joan Juliet Buck Models Jewels in WSJ. MagazineAlong with Clarissa Dalrymple, Gisue Hariri, and Dale Larocca, who wear $60 million worth of gems.
  10. girl crushes
    Betsey Johnson Has Great Fun on the Hamptons Jitney, It SeemsWhen you’re Betsey, life is a catwalk.
  11. girl crushes
    Eric Wilson Worries That Courtney Loves’s Fashionable Friends ‘May Not Be Enough’ for Her to Be Taken SeriouslyBut in the end, how could we ever disapprove of someone who eats “wakeup cupcakes” for breakfast?
  12. girl crushes
    This May Be the Only Time We See Anna Dello Russo in H&MStranger things may not have happened.
  13. girl crushes
    Looking Like Anna Dello Russo Is Not a Comfortable ExperienceLuckily her driver and friends hold her up and bring her things when her clothes make moving too hard.
  14. girl crushes
    Anna Dello Russo Wants to Make a Music AlbumAlso, more details on her upcoming fragrance.
  15. girl crushes
    Pee Will Not Keep Anna Dello Russo From Her Favorite ShoesOne time in high school, something pretty unfortunate happened to her shoes, but she wore them anyway.
  16. girl crushes
    Katie Grand: ‘Sometimes I Think It’s Good to Not Be As Highbrow’She doesn’t think people have to be cool to be hot, either.
  17. girl crushes
    Anna Dello Russo’s Head Is Gradually Becoming a Fruit-and-Cheese PlatterA DESIGNER fruit-and-cheese platter, obviously.
  18. girl crushes
    Kate Lanphear Fed Her Interns PizzaAnd sodas!
  19. girl crushes
    Emily Blunt Not Desperate to Be Skinny at All CostsShe eats pork buns and rejects Pilates.
  20. girl crushes
    Elle’s Kate Lanphear Stars in Eddie Borgo’s New Online CampaignBorgo calls her the ”epitome of the modern-day punk.”
  21. girl crushes
    Video: Packing Couture With Anna Dello RussoYou don’t just throw couture in a suitcase like any old thing.
  22. girl crushes
    Daphne Guinness’s Eat, Pray, Love Would Be More Like Style, Mingle, Make PerfumeAnd that’s a book she (or someone) needs to write.
  23. girl crushes
    Angela Missoni Is Over Fashion Shows, SupermodelsShe’s tired of that which drives her industry: the feeling that she has to one-up everyone.
  24. girl crushes
    In Which Our Designer Crushes on Rodarte Get RenewedTheir recent Q&A with Style File made us really want to hang out with them.
  25. girl crushes
    Franca Sozzani Doesn’t Care About Selling Magazines or ClothesThat mentality enables her to take risks no other fashion magazines are willing to.
  26. girl crushes
    Video: Carla Bruni’s U.S. Press BlitzShe went on the ‘Today’ show this morning and ‘Letterman’ last night to promote her new album.