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Girl Power

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    The Demise of the GirlbossThe trope was infantilizing, sexist, and a pitfall of corporate feminism. But for many women, it was also essential.
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    This Peggy Olson–Drake Mash-Up Will Infuse You With PowerShe started from the bottom, now she’s here.
  3. feminism
    Ayn Rand, Girl-Power IconHer quotes are on posters, jewelry, and crop tops.
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    Can Google Convince Girls to Code?They’ve got Mindy Kaling on their team.
  5. taylor swift voodoo
    Victoria’s Secret Is Team Taylor Swift [Updated]Every time someone speaks ill of Tay-Tay, an angel loses her wings.
  6. Feminism, According to Stock PhotographyA slideshow of inadvertent memes created by stock-photo websites.
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    Inside Diane Von Furstenberg’s Wonder Woman Comic BookWe snagged a preview of the comic, which includes an original story by Diane Von Furstenberg, letter by Lynda Carter, and introduction by Gloria Steinem.