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Girl Scouts

  1. Boy Scouts Planning Name Change to Welcome GirlsBaby steps.
  2. no man’s land
    This Girl Scout Sold the Most Cookies in BrooklynPeople bought 1,514 boxes. Here, 8-year-old Amira Williams shares her business strategy.
  3. scout drama
    Do the Boy Scouts Have a ‘Covert Campaign’ to Recruit Girls?According to the Girl Scouts, they do.
  4. good news
    Girl Scout Troop for Homeless Youth Will Expand to 15 SheltersFive members of the troop delivered the news at City Hall.
  5. crime of the century
    Girl Scout Troop Leader Is on the Lam After Stealing $15,000 Worth of CookiesTroop leader Leah Ann Vick was indicted over the crime.
  6. hot shot
    See a Girl Scout Stare Down a Neo-Nazi at a Rally in the Czech Republic16-year-old Lucie Myslíková stood up to a neo-Nazi demonstrator at a May Day rally.
  7. cookie clean-up
    The Girl Scouts Cleaned Up at the Oscars They picked the right crowd.
  8. bad words
    The Problem With Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Ban Bossy’ CampaignFeminism is at its best when it’s creating more choices, not more rules.