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  1. girl talk
    Fiorina Jabbed Clinton’s Marriage at the DebateOof.
  2. unsolicited advice
    Illustrated Advice on Closet Pruning and Boyfriend SelectingAn excerpt from Christie Young’s book, Girl Talk: Unsolicited Advice for Modern Ladies
  3. girl talk
    The Great Digital BFF RenaissanceGroup text messages are slumber parties for adults.
  4. girl talk
    Elizabeth Olsen Will Always Be a Clooney GirlShe had a crush on Michelle Pfeiffer, too.
  5. girl talk
    Why Do Women Start Sentences With ‘I Feel Like’?It’s the new uptalk.
  6. girlsplainer
    The 5 Reasons Girls Type Like Thissss“Thaaaanks” is the new “thanks so much.”
  7. interview
    Suzanne Venker Prescribes a Detox From FeminismFox News’s “War on Men” scribe on Aunt Phyllis Schlafly and how her father “didn’t show love.”
  8. girl talk
    Michelle Obama Ribs Gabby Douglas for Splurging on Egg McMuffin“I’m sure it was a whole-wheat McMuffin.”
  9. loose threads
    Hutson Won’t Show at Fashion Week; Paulina Porizkova’s Inferiority ComplexAlso ‘GQ’ is the only Condé Nast magazine to show a rise in newsstand sales.