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    Descriptions of Adam Driver’s ‘Really Big Face’“Worthy of Mongolian plains.”
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    Here’s Jemima Kirke From Girls Modeling Her Mom’s ClothesDyed slip dresses from Geminola.
  3. The New Modeling Agency Taking Top New York Models“The Secret Agency” talks to the Cut.
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    Hannah’s Rock-Bottom T-Shirt on Girls’ Season FinaleShe wore it in the last episode, too.
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    Hannah’s Bowl Cut and More Girls Hair HighlightsThe show’s hairstylists discuss season two’s elaborate chignons, bedheads, and pigtails.
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    To Discuss: Hannah’s Multiple Wedgies, Ray’s Snuggie on GirlsMarnie wore Rag & Bone.
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    Hannah Comes Unzipped: OCD Puns on Last Night’s GirlsAlso, Judy Collins makes a cameo!
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    Rosanna Arquette’s T-Shirt on Last Night’s GirlsWhat to wear when you’re feeding bunnies.
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    Marnie’s Gold Plastic Dress on Girls, ExplainedCostume designer Jenn Rogien made it herself.
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    A Few Words on Hannah’s Parrot Romper in GirlsAnd Patrick Wilson’s “adult” shirts.
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    Lorraine Kirke on Red Wedding Dresses and Girls“These curtains would look great as a dress, let’s try it.”
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    Jessa’s Velvet Gown, Crimped Hair on Last Night’s GirlsAlso, a discussion about Marnie’s weight loss.
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    Lorraine Kirke, Mom of Girls’ Jessa, Expands Her Vintage StoreGeminola is now online.
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    To Discuss: Hannah’s Mesh Tank, Jessa’s YSL Shoes on Last Night’s GirlsAlso: Marnie’s sexy work outfit, and Laird the junkie’s beanie.
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    Hannah’s ‘Sad Little Glow Worm’ Outfit on Girls, ExplainedCostume designer Jenn Rogien discusses the clothes from last night’s episode.
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    To Discuss: Shoshanna’s Feather Hat in the Girls PremiereCostume designer Jenn Rogien breaks down the episode’s outfits for us.
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    Will Girls Be Believable Now That the Actresses Look ‘Hollywood’?Allison Williams’s weight loss gets discussed in season two.
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    Girls Premiere: Lena Dunham Adopts Dog, Talks Mesh Tank TopsKarpovsky: “I lose shit a lot when I drink.”
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    The Good, the Bad, and the Awkward: 27 Memorable Girls Style MomentsHannah’s onesie, Shoshanna’s bows, Marnie’s fuck-me heels.
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    How Girls Costume Designer Jenn Rogien Handles Her Critics“The real world is not the same as the world of our show.”
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    Girls Fashion: Muumuus, Snuggies, and No NudityMarnie ditches the buttoned-up work outfits, and other notable costumes from Episode 3.
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    Girls Fashion: Nudity, Plaid, and More Velour SweatsJessa’s sexy preabortion kimono, and notable costumes from Episode Two.
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    Girls Fashion Recap: Getting to Know ThemSubtle style cues give insight into the minds of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna.