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  1. profile
    Lena Dunham Comes to Terms With HerselfShe’s mostly done making herself the subject of the story.
  2. everything old
    Jemima Kirke Reportedly Hosted an Extremely Bleak Stoop SaleFor sale: Girls DVDs, never opened.
  3. gender
    The Boy Scouts Will Now Allow Girls to JoinA historic change for the youth organization.
  4. Every New Mom Needs a MarnieGirls’ take on partner dynamics in early parenthood is maddening because it’s real.
  5. look book
    See Girls Star Jemima Kirke’s Best Style MomentsThe actor’s style evolution.
  6. What Girls Gets Right About Young-Adult FriendshipSometimes, things are supposed to end.
  7. the end of girls
    Shoshanna Has Become Girls’ True HeroineGirls wasn’t a show about lasting friendships after all — it was a show about disintegrating ones.
  8. pregnancy on tv
    The Girls Pregnancy Plot Says More About Us Than It Does About Hannah HorvathDunham is thrusting us into the quagmire of judgment all women face when it comes to making decisions about their bodies.
  9. mysteries
    What Happened to Marnie’s Cat on Girls?An illustrated guide.
  10. niche drama
    Did Lena Dunham Shade the Wing on Girls?On tonight’s episode, Shoshanna joins an all-women’s networking club that has a lot in common with the one founded by Dunham’s friend Audrey Gelman.
  11. celebrity divorces
    Jemima Kirke Attributes Her Divorce to ActingShe says acting helped her ask, “Is this really me?”
  12. malia in the wild
    Malia Obama Went to the Girls Premiere Party Last NightThe era of Malia in the wild is just beginning.
  13. Girls Star Jemima Kirke Reportedly Split With Husband Months AgoThe couple was married for seven years.
  14. election 2016
    These Teen Girls Are Giving Donald Trump a Piece of Their Mind“I want a world where women aren’t quiet anymore.”
  15. intersectional feminism
    Lena Dunham Never Wants to See Another Poster Featuring 4 White GirlsShe addressed criticisms that her feminism excludes black women.
  16. wedding bells
    Zosia Mamet Made Quite the Announcement Over the Weekend About Her Longtime BeauMamet shared the news with the help of some rubber duckies.
  17. the end of girls
    7 Photos That Prove the Cast of Girls Is Having a Hard Time Saying Good-byeLena Dunham and Allison Williams seem to be taking things particularly hard.
  18. girls talk
    It’s Okay to Be a Shoshanna In season five, Shosh suddenly became Girls’ most likable and functional character.
  19. free ideas
    Some Hero Ninth-Grade Girls Brought Magic Mike to SchoolWell, actually, someone just hired a male stripper at the annual swim-team banquet.
  20. in formation
    The First Caucus for Black Women and Girls Is HereLaunched in response to appeals from Sandra Bland’s sister.
  21. fashion feelings
    ‘It Took Me a While to Learn What’s Appropriate to Wear Around People’Girls actress and artist Jemima Kirke on what her mother taught her about fashion and style.
  22. snooze button
    Can Any Celebrity Be Interesting for 24 Hours Straight? A feat of endurance.
  23. period power
    Apple Will Finally Acknowledge MenstruationThe company has grown up.
  24. advice
    Ask Polly: I’m 25 and My Life Has Been Great, So Why Don’t I Have a Passion?Because passion takes hard work, and you’ve had it easy.
  25. who runs the world?
    This Is the First Female Face Google Finds When You Search ‘CEO’ She leans in on plastic elbows.
  26. close readings
    What Do All the Barrettes From Girls Mean?An episode-long Girls hair-accessory analysis. 
  27. two shades of grey
    Zosia Mamet Dyed Her Hair GrayGranny-inspired.
  28. quotable
    Lena Dunham Wishes People Didn’t Expect Her to Speak for All Women Don’t look to Girls for role models.
  29. look of the day
    Jemima Kirke Wore Pink Hair to the OperaTo match her dress.
  30. pfw spring 2015
    Hedi Slimane’s New Tribute to Cool KidsHe opened a photography exhibition in Paris.
  31. red-carpet watch
    See All of the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2014 Emmy AwardsUpdated throughout the night.
  32. you’re doing it wrong
    Please Stop With the ‘Empowering’ Ads AlreadyHere’s a way to actually empower girls.
  33. France Slags Americans, Loves American TV: Why?A chat with a Parisian script doctor (and Joss Whedon’s translator) about the good and the bad of French TV.
  34. party chat
    Allison Williams: Marnie Would Probably Behave ‘Psychotically’ Post-Make-Out“With a bottle of wine, listening on repeat to recordings of their song together.”
  35. party chat
    Jenna Lyons: Hannah Horvath Is Welcome to Freelance at Fake GQThere’s no place for Janice in Iowa.
  36. party chat
    Naomi Wolf Loves Lena Dunham, Hasn’t Seen Girls“She’s the creator of the show, right?”
  37. girls
    GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys SettleWell, that’s settled. 
  38. Lena Dunham Is Now on the Cover of GlamourNothing to see here, folks.
  39. sochi problems
    Shoshi Games Takes Girls’ Shoshanna to the OlympicsIt’s an ode to Zosia Mamet’s glorious facial expressions.
  40. party chat
    Q&A: Jenna Lyons on Her Girls Cameo, Befriending Lena Dunham, and More“I literally wrote back expletive yes!
  41. future moms
    Allison Williams Wants ‘a Career I Can Walk Away From’ Planning on leaning out.
  42. plastic dresses
    Allison Williams Discusses That Sweaty Plastic Dress From GirlsShe also does a craft project.
  43. party chat
    Zosia Mamet Got Called the C-Word Over ScrabbleHaven’t we all, though?
  44. watch
    Hannah Horvath Is a Jezebel CommenterLast night on Girls.
  45. look of the day
    Zosia Mamet Wore a Nude Bodysuit to the U.K. Girls PremiereAnd still looked entirely prim and proper. 
  46. feelings
    Zosia Mamet Says Your Insecurities Are Like DiamondsCherish them, love them, polish them.
  47. spice girls
    Will Victoria Beckham Cameo on Girls? Spice Girls, the new hit series from HBO.
  48. voice of a generation
    Lena Dunham Will Cover VogueIt will be a Girls-themed issue.
  49. metaphors
    Everyone Talks Fixing Life at Girls PremiereIt’s the theme
  50. Zosia Mamet Also Wants to Be Connie BrittonIt’s more than the hair. 
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