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  1. costume department
    Decoding the Campy, Disheveled Girls PosterA Rorschach test through formalwear.
  2. Adorable Toy Company GoldieBlox Sues the Beastie BoysAfter the band threatens copyright infringement.
  3. video
    Feminist Toy Company Rewrites Beastie Boys’ ‘Girls’For science.
  4. girls girls girls
    Descriptions of Adam Driver’s ‘Really Big Face’“Worthy of Mongolian plains.”
  5. Allison Williams Almost Wasn’t MarnieEverything would have been sooooo different.
  6. future stepford wives
    Sororities, Ranked by HotnessIf by “hotness” you mean sameness.
  7. no make up make up
    Girls Cast Goes #NoMakeupThe Girls cast have uncovered the secret to the “no makeup” makeup look.
  8. quotables
    Lena Dunham Discusses Panty Girdles, BacksidesWith her latest TV subject, personal shopper Betty Halbreich.
  9. girls
    Bloomberg Bans Low Self-Esteem in GirlsIt’s more positive than most of his public-health campaigns.
  10. look of the day
    Allison Williams Wore Fresh Oscar de la RentaThe first batch of spring 2014 looks to be released into the wild.
  11. please stop thinking these thoughts
    Lena Dunham Fan Fiction SurfacesIt’s the stuff of poorly written sexual fantasy.
  12. girls
    Meet Little Orphan Annie for the Bloomberg EraQuvenzhané Wallis stars in Will Smith’s remake.
  13. gif bags
    GIF Bag: Watch a Model Twerk-Off Go DownThey’re just being Miley.
  14. look of the day
    Zosia Mamet Was Tickled Pink at Honor’s ShowShoshanna would wear that dress.
  15. campaign trail
    Jenn Rogien of Girls Talks About Her New Job With GapAnd how cute is Adam Driver in that new campaign?
  16. famous fans
    Rihanna Can’t Wait for Girls, Wears Mesh TopAn unintentional mesh homage.
  17. tropes
    The Difference Between TV’s Difficult Men and Difficult WomenToday, Carrie Bradshaw would be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. 
  18. party chat
    Allison Williams’s Royal Baby Fever: ‘Very High’“Like an 8 or 9.”
  19. tropes
    ‘Brooklyn Girl’: The Selling of a New TypeDunham may have defined her, but mainstream culture is now profiting most.
  20. kids these days
    Watch a Disenchanted Sky Ferreira Act in In Real Life Is this the fashion equivalent of Girls?
  21. party chat
    Judy Blume Is a Huge Fan of GirlsMaybe she can watch it with Gloria Steinem.
  22. yes we cannes
    At Cannes, Meet the Allison Williams DoppelgängerThe whole thing is kind of trippy.
  23. mad people
    The Symbolism of Sylvia’s Sexy Red Dress on Mad MenMad Men pulls a move from Girls’ playbook.
  24. slash jobs
    Here’s Jemima Kirke From Girls Modeling Her Mom’s ClothesDyed slip dresses from Geminola.
  25. look of the day
    Lena Dunham Got Her Turn Wearing Saint LaurentShe also gave out tons of free kisses.
  26. oh college!
    Meet the SWUGs of Yale: Women ‘Washed Up’ at 21What other schools might call “senioritis” has turned into a viral meme in the Ivy League.
  27. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Christopher Abbott’s Sad, Vacant EyesHe looks upset because he knows he broke all of our hearts.
  28. girls girls girls
    Hannah’s Rock-Bottom T-Shirt on Girls’ Season FinaleShe wore it in the last episode, too.
  29. girls girls girls
    Hannah’s Bowl Cut and More Girls Hair HighlightsThe show’s hairstylists discuss season two’s elaborate chignons, bedheads, and pigtails.
  30. video
    The Greatest Gross-Out Moments From the Girls of Girls (So Far)No shortage of things that make you go Eww! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.
  31. quotables
    Allison Williams Really Is That Type A“I’m a major breath person, so I always have gum, mints.”
  32. girls girls girls
    To Discuss: Hannah’s Multiple Wedgies, Ray’s Snuggie on GirlsMarnie wore Rag & Bone.
  33. party chat
    Daily Show’s Lizz Winstead Envisions Her Girls CameoGlowing zit cream.
  34. girls girls girls
    Hannah Comes Unzipped: OCD Puns on Last Night’s GirlsAlso, Judy Collins makes a cameo!
  35. girls girls girls
    Marnie’s Gold Plastic Dress on Girls, ExplainedCostume designer Jenn Rogien made it herself.
  36. girls girls girls
    A Few Words on Hannah’s Parrot Romper in GirlsAnd Patrick Wilson’s “adult” shirts.
  37. all the real girls
    Here Is Your First Girls Reality Show Girl: Hailey GlassmanReality television imitating scripted television imitating reality.
  38. faces of things
    Allison Williams’s Good Skin Finally Worth MoneyShe’s now representing a skincare line.
  39. q&a
    Lorraine Kirke on Red Wedding Dresses and Girls“These curtains would look great as a dress, let’s try it.”
  40. girls girls girls
    Jessa’s Velvet Gown, Crimped Hair on Last Night’s GirlsAlso, a discussion about Marnie’s weight loss.
  41. girls girls girls
    Lorraine Kirke, Mom of Girls’ Jessa, Expands Her Vintage StoreGeminola is now online.
  42. girls reality watch
    Jane Pratt Embraces Girls ParodyEven if “Jame” wasn’t inspired by Jane, it could have been.
  43. girls girls girls
    To Discuss: Hannah’s Mesh Tank, Jessa’s YSL Shoes on Last Night’s GirlsAlso: Marnie’s sexy work outfit, and Laird the junkie’s beanie.
  44. real live girls
    Reality TV Producers to Make Girls, Only RealerThe Real Girls of Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.
  45. Male Gaze: Donald Glover’s Got Quite a SmileChildish Gambino is better off without Hannah Horvath.
  46. girls girls girls
    Hannah’s ‘Sad Little Glow Worm’ Outfit on Girls, ExplainedCostume designer Jenn Rogien discusses the clothes from last night’s episode.
  47. girls girls girls
    To Discuss: Shoshanna’s Feather Hat in the Girls PremiereCostume designer Jenn Rogien breaks down the episode’s outfits for us.
  48. girls girls girls
    Will Girls Be Believable Now That the Actresses Look ‘Hollywood’?Allison Williams’s weight loss gets discussed in season two.
  49. slash jobs
    Side Gigs Start Rolling In for Girls Costume Designer Jenn RogienShe’s working for Aerie now.
  50. girls girls girls
    Girls Premiere: Lena Dunham Adopts Dog, Talks Mesh Tank TopsKarpovsky: “I lose shit a lot when I drink.”
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