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Gisele Says

  1. punching and kicking
    Watch Sweaty Gisele Kung-Fu KickAs the new face of Under Armour.
  2. gisele says
    Gisele Bündchen Is the New Face of Chanel No.5But does she wear it to bed?
  3. gisele says
    Gisele’s Curls Now Have a Parody Twitter AccountAiring follicles and feelings.
  4. having it all
    Gisele Bündchen’s Secrets to Having It All Relinquish control while being a control freak … and then download a scheduling app. 
  5. gisele says
    Gisele’s Publicist Explains That She Didn’t Really Mean to Call Sunscreen ‘Poison’It was a mistranslation.
  6. gisele says
    Gisele Calls Sunscreen ‘Poison,’ Upsets World“I cannot put this poison on my skin,” she said.