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  1. body issues
    Breaking: Not All Brazilians Look Like GiseleApparently, the country’s swimwear industry is just beginning to notice.
  2. abs-olutely
    Gisele and Bar Refaeli Have Underwear LinesShameless models-wearing-underwear post: this way!
  3. real estate porn
    Gisele’s New Super-Mansion Is Ready for Her to Live InIt includes a BRIDGE.
  4. other people's wealth
    Stocks for Companies Shilled by Gisele Outperform the DowThis definitely proves physical hotness is the key to a bright economic future.
  5. quotables
    Elle Macpherson Fawns Over GiseleWell, really, who doesn’t?
  6. cover girls
    Harper’s Bazaar Brazil Debuts With a Gisele CoverWell, duh.
  7. cover girls
    Gisele Covers the New British Vogue in Pants Only She Can WearGreat.
  8. campaign trail
    How Do You Feel About Gisele’s Spring Balenciaga Campaign?She looks so young and angsty.
  9. models who have given birth
    Gisele Plans to Continue BreedingIt’s not like she has to worry about baby weight.
  10. pregnant models
    For Models, Pregnancy Is InWe took an in-depth look at the slew of top models who have recently gotten pregnant, and what it all means.
  11. cover girls
    Gisele Covers Japanese Vogue’s ‘Icons’ IssueShe looks terrible. Kidding!
  12. quotables
    Gisele ‘Will Never Retire’She can be publicly perfect forever. Hooray!
  13. dress code
    High Heels for Men Are All the Rage — Thanks Sarko!That’s right! French president Nicolas Sarkozy wears them, and now they’re really catching on.